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Celebrity Cars That Truly Deserve Your Attention

Part of being a celebrity is having a status to show off. Could there be a better way to flaunt yourself than by having a luxury car – or two, perhaps? Celebrities have the means to treat themselves to the most sumptuous cars on the planet – and they certainly make use of that privilege! Here we take a look at the insanely luxurious rides of the rich and famous, and in some cases, you’ll see their crazy customization. So, brace yourself, because you’ll be green with envy once you get a taste of the awesome cars these celebs take their joyrides in.

Kim Kardashian – Ferrari 458 Italia

The Kardashians are always on top of every accessory they can dominate – and a set of wheels is no exception. Reality superstar Kim Kardashian boasts a collection of eight luxury wheels, including two Rolls-Royce Ghosts in black and white, two Range Rovers in black and white, a Mercedes-Benz G63, Porsche Panamera, Bentley Continental GTC, and her beloved car – a white Ferrari 458 Italia – which is Kim’s fave of the lot.

Lady Gaga – Audi R8

While this superstar may not have made the grandest of vehicles – she certainly didn’t get just any old car! Oh no, Lady Gaga rides in style and can be spotted on the LA streets in a fabulous Audi R8. It’s elegant, and it’s hot! You go, girl!

Amber Rose – Pink Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

What color do you think Amber’s ride is? If you said amber, you’re wrong, it’s pink! She flaunts a custom-made pink Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUV, which is quite the head-turner. It’s not the king of the luxury cars she’s owned though. She got a convertible Ferrari, and she has a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a Rolls-Royce Wraith to hit the road with, too. She seems like quite the car enthusiast!

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