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A Glimpse Into The Life of Sharon Tate And Her Tragic Fate

As a ‘60s icon, Sharon Tate represented the colorful decade marked by turmoil, idealism, and change. She was a rising star in a time when anything seemed possible; we’d gone to space that very decade after all. But behind all those studio lights and glamorous Hollywood parties, there was a kind woman who dreams of a family.

About Sharon, some even said she was “the next Marilyn”, but sadly most of the people don’t even remember her acting and modeling talents when they hear her name. Here’s the story of a promising life that was cut too short by a horrible event that would leave a whole country horrified even after 50 years.

Sharon Was A Texas Girl

Sharon Marie was born on January 24, 1943 in Dallas. She was the eldest child of a United States Army officer called Peter James Tate and his wife, Doris Gwendolyn Tate. James Tate was a colonel and would often be promoted and transferred all over the country and sometimes abroad, given the nature of his job.

After having their eldest, Peter and Doris had two more daughters. They were Debra, born in 1952, and Patricia, born in 1957. Their sister, Sharon was said to have been a very beautiful child with an incredibly sweet disposition when it came to the people around her.

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