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Rihanna Celebrates Her 31st Birthday with an EPIC Challenge You Shouldn’t Miss

When the Barbadian singer, Rihanna, celebrated her 31st birthday the internet celebrated the special day with an epic challenge.  Millions of people were opening Google and typing the name of the singer followed by their month and day of birth. As soon as they hit enter, their screen flashed an image of Rihanna in a special outfit that matches the user’s date of birth and their personality. There has not been a moment in Rihanna’s life without the internet hyping the achievements of the singer.

Rihanna’s years on earth have seen many achievements, scandals, successes, loss, and heartbreak. There were moments when she cried because of certain misfortunes, and times when she opened up her heart and her wallet in charitable acts to make others happy. She has never allowed any setback to stop her from living her life to the fullest. In 2012, she took some journalists around the world in a chartered jet.

She can be extravagant at times, spending millions on luxury items that have turned her into a fashion icon. In 2014, she showed up for CFDA Fashion Awards covered in 230,000  Swarovski crystals. While we celebrate Rihanna, we are waiting for another song from her.

For almost three years, the singer kept us waiting for an album which is near completion, according to sources.  Though Rihanna has not announced the release date of this album, we are eager to listen to her voice once again.

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