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Queen Elizabeth Looks Elegant In Her New Hair Makeover

Queen Elizabeth has always looked fabulous in her signature short hair! Since the 2022 year was an important one for Her Majesty, she decided to debut a fresh new hairdo; the royal ruler thus celebrated seven decades on the throne and her 96th birthday. Photos were subsequently released from Windsor Castle in which the Queen’s beautiful silver hair looked a bit shorter than usual. This time she went even shorter as she met with the Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle to receive the Canterbury Cross award. During this time, many media officials noticed the queen’s shorter har and applauded it.

Gary/Pexels | Queen’s new shorter hair makeover is in the limelight these days.


Hello! Magazine stated that the Queen was awarded the Canterbury Cross because of her remarkable services to the church of England in her 70-year reign. The cross was inspired by the 9th century Saxon Brooch and was custom-made for the Queen’s platinum jubilee. The intricate patterns on the cross symbolize love, affection, and loyalty.

Queen’s Style At The Welcome Event

Several photos were released from the Royal Family’s official Instagram account as well; one of which was the Queen’s welcome to the Governor of New South Wales Margaret Beazley to the castle. The guest of honor wore a yellow and blue floral dress with beautiful accessories and looked elegant with the fresh cut. During her welcome to Margaret, she wore a triple strand of pearls around her neck paired with matching pearl stud earrings and bright pink lipstick to give a vibrant touch to her look.

Pixabay/Pexels | No one can quite compare to a Queen after all

Celebrations For The Majesty

The Platinum jubilee event that celebrated the 70 years of her throne wasn’t the only thing she was looking forward to. The event was also her first chance to meet her youngest granddaughter, Lilibet Windsor, who is now 1 year old. It was the first-ever event in which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry joined after they renounced their royal life in 2020. 

Designecologist/Pexels | The fresh change was perfect to celebrate the special events in the Royal Castle


The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex told HollywoodLife that they were happy with the meeting. They also added that their trip has been a whirlwind and that they had been busy since they landed. They further added that the idea behind the trip was to show their love and respect for the Queen as well as to introduce her to Lili. The grandmother also looked happy meeting Archie and Lili; the meeting made the whole trip worthwhile for the Sussexes!

In case you’re wondering when did the Queen get a haircut, unfortunately, it’s hard to say exactly when she had her haircut as she wore a hat when she came out of the Platinum Jubilee event. It didn’t look as if she got her hair cut recently for this grand event. Still, it’s a great reminder for all of us to get our much-needed summer haircut!

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