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How to Make Successful Investments? Daymond John Shares His Secret

You’ve probably heard or read about Daymond John’s interview on how to keep one step away from the money, where he described his success in detail. He has also shared why there is a need to keep the mindset on being broke in terms of business!

Daymond John is the CEO of FUBU, a successful entrepreneur.

Daymond John Is the Founder of FUBU And One of the Most Successful Entrepreneur in the World

Daymond John Is the Founder of FUBU And One of the Most Successful Entrepreneur in the World

He shared that early as six years old, he was already selling pencils and that his childhood has shaped him to be the successful businessman that he is today. Even at his early age, he knew he would be an entrepreneur. He had a lot of jobs as selling pencils early on up to become an apprentice of an electrician. Above all his hard work, he always thought that he should be one step away from the money.

Getting ahead due to having more money than your competitors or connections may feel like an advantage to most people starting their businesses but that is not always the case. Growing your brand in the business world and making the dream coming to life is a hard road to take since start-up businesses that rely on connections don’t last forever, no matter how many people you know or how much you invest.

Business people that have it easy early on have a hard time dealing with tough problems later in the business

This caused the business to stumble and might be a factor for it to die down. While dealing with critical decisions are common to those wanting to expand the business and extend their clientele, experiencing it early on in the business will serve as a training ground for you to make better choices and avoid making fatal mistakes in the business. The experience will make you wiser and logical when there is a possibility for expansion.

If you are used to having a big budget, the investment you did may be losing more than you realize compared to earning a cent and appreciating every penny that comes along the way. An accumulated penny could make up a bill, and a bill could make up your business. Think about having little to no resources as an advantage. When you fully absorbed that thought, you may realize that these situations will test you early on as an entrepreneur. How much can you make out of something so little or nothing at all?  

You might even utilize some skills you didn’t know you’ve had

If you could grow something out of nothing, that certainly says something about you and how you handle the critical points in managing your business and making the right decisions. And even with the wrong decisions, the things that you learned from it and what you did to turn a mistake or a lapse in judgment into something that works and leads to the coveted world of success.

The hunger to be successful and the desire to reach that dream will give you no other choice than to have your own way of success.

The Power of Broke Discuss How You Can Be Successful In Business Despite Being Broke

The Power of Broke Discuss How You Can Be Successful In Business Despite Being Broke

The hunger, desire, and the drive to succeed will help you tap into a power that is far greater than money and connections. This will serve as the fuel that will never run out. Daymond John has built FUBU out of scratch from a mere budget of $40 that grew up to $6 billion. His past desperation has led him to innovate something to become extraordinary and become extremely creative.

Daymond used to have a hard time in school due to his unawareness of his condition, dyslexia. Despite this, he found a way to thrive. Daymond was still working his day job at Red Lobster even when FUBU started to be successful. He even got rejected to bank application of 27 times and got his mom’s advice that saved the day.  He even learned a tough lesson that money cannot solve your problems easily. He also shared that while mentors could be great, the cheerleaders that cheer you on your battle are way better. He even wrote a book: The Power of Broke. The book is about how having a tight budget can serve as an asset when you are starting a business. 

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