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Michael Bloomberg to Help U.S. with $4.5 Million for The Paris Agreement!

The move

In the United States, a stunning event is currently occurring. It is no news that the Trump Administration has turned its back on the Paris agreement, a climate deal to combat global warming.

However, the recent update on the stand of the US towards the pact has people talking, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because the change is facilitated by the former Mayor of New York City and not Donald Trump. As gathered, Bloomberg has decided to help his country with a check of $4.5 million to pay the USA annual commitment for the Paris agreement.

Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire and the former Mayor of NYC

What led to the move?

The US Congress, after going through their consideration period, came out with the decision not to go through with their first accord to the Paris Climate plan. The nation lawmakers made it known to the United Nation Secretariat for Climate matters that what they will provide as per the annual pledge is $3 million out of the initial $7.5 million promised.

On hearing this, the former Mayor of New York City and the current special envoy of the United Nations on Climate issues decided to step out to aid his country in honoring their agreement.

According to the Billionaire, the American government represents each citizen of the country. Having said so, for the country to have made a promise and be unable to fulfill it at some point, does not mean they have to sit back and watch. On the contrary, it becomes their duty to find a way of making it work because it is everyone’s responsibility.

Michael Bloomberg is the envoy of the United Nations on Climate matters and a known Philanthropist

Furthermore, the former Mayor expressed that, as reality has revealed that the country is unlikely to pay the remaining $4.5 million, he decided to do something about it. He said the check he will be writing to the UN organization is going to be addressed as though it is the government sending it.

To further buttress his commitment to his suggestion to the general public of America, Bloomberg said that come next year, if the Federal Government decides to once again go back on its promise to the Paris pact, he will not desist from seeing how he can help out. According to him, he is ready to sign out another check to the UN on behalf of his country.

Despite this bold assertion, the former Mayor of NYC expressed that he is optimistic regarding the position of Donald Trump toward the Climate Paris deal. He believes that by the President would have been enlightened further on the importance of this agreement and will change his position regarding it.

Where America stands

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has turned his back on the Paris pact and sees climate change as not an urgent matter to be solved

On the further expression of his thoughts, Bloomberg made public knowledge that the US remains a problem in regards to Climate issues. According to him, he desires for the President to look around and realize that there is an issue that needs solving as soon as possible.

According to him, just as much as the country is part of the problem facing the positive milestones in the fight of Global Warming, the nation has the potential of playing a grand role as part of the solution.

The philanthropist said it is only right that America steps out and join the world to resolve the brewing disaster that is approaching based on the continuing problem.

Response to Michael Bloomberg’s move

After Bloomberg’s intention was made public, some essential figures on the matter got to their twitter handle and other social accounts to applaud the deed. Patricia Espinosa who is the current Executive secretary of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, went on Twitter to show how happy she was for the donation.

According to her, the move to restore global climate condition is one not to apportion to a group or sphere. As a situation that affects all species, it is right that we endeavor to take broad-based global actions both from the private sector to the public field to ensure that the goal is attained.

The move by Bloomberg to her is not only a generous offer, but also an inspiration for others to follow. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN also expressed his gratitude towards Bloomberg’s intervention.

Caption: Jerry Brown (D) the governor of California and Michael Bloomberg are the co-founders of America’s Pledge firm

The Current State of Things

The US is currently suffering badly in its fight against climate condition after Trump delivered on his campaign promise to withdraw the country from their Paris deal. He went further to cut the pledge of $3 billion deposit to the Green Climate Fund, because he claimed it was too expensive.

Bloomberg and Jerry Brown, California Governor, raised America’s Pledge firm to bring businesses and states together to honor the  Paris pledge. So far, the philanthropist is ready to be the instrument that can change Trump’s mind.

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