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Financial Tips 101 – Places Where You Can Keep Your Money

In this continually fluctuating economy, saving up can be a real challenge. With more and more people losing their jobs, sources of income are becoming very restricted. As such, whatever we do earn needs to be safeguarded and grown, if possible.

If you’ve always wanted to save money but couldn’t figure out the best way to do so, this piece is created especially for you. Saved up money is one of those bailout options you can bank on in the future.


Unsplash | Where to put your money if you don’t trust banks

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Let’s get straight to business.

Best Options to Safeguard Saved Up Money

CDs or Certificate of Deposits

A Certificate of Deposit is a type of savings account that offers you a much higher interest rate as compared to a standard savings account. Such an account allows you to keep your money deposited for some time without touching it.

This means you can’t access your funds until the maturity date or official date of withdrawal arrives. The term length ranges from a few months to a few years. The longer the term length you pick, the higher the interest rate you receive. In case you have an urgent need to withdraw your money, you can do so by paying a penalty fee.

High-yield Savings Accounts

A high-yield savings account is a fantastic option to grow your saved money. Unlike a CD, here you can access your money anytime, any day, and from anywhere. If you need to save money that you will need in a short time, then a high-yield savings account is for you. This kind of account is called “high-yield” because of its huge returns on the deposited savings in your account.


Unsplash | A high-yield savings accounts can be a great option

Money Market Funds

Unlike the options listed above, a money market fund is an investment platform with low risk and high liquidity. If you put your money on this option, you will get a better yield as compared to saving in your local banks. There’s no restriction of access to a money market fund. It loses value in volatile markets characterized by significant drops in interest rates.

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Unsplash | Money Market Funds are also a great place to invest your savings

A few final words

If you know you can’t stick to saving up in the long run, you should put your money in a savings account rather than the stock market. This will ensure the protection of your principal, even if it is with little or no returns.

You should consider a savings account that gives you access to your funds anytime. If you want to gain significant returns on your money, you can venture into the stock market. This should be done with cash that you can restrict for a minimum of 10 years.

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