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Covid-19 May Be a Bane for Economies but You Can Still Work on Building Your Wealth

The coronavirus pandemic has descended as a bane for economies worldwide. The stock markets have crashed, and millions of people have gotten unemployed, while many experienced a cut in their salaries. To say the crude truth, everyone experienced a shrunken purse. Rishi Sunak, the Vice-Chancellor of the Central Bank of UK revealed that the world is going through an economic collapse, unwitnessed in the past three decades!

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Terrified of the gloomy outlook? Well, we have good news for investors because we bring you five pieces of advice that will be your raft in these trying times and keep up the income growth.

  1. Expand your portfolio

It’s age-old advice to never collect all your eggs in one basket. Borrow some insight from here and expand your areas of investment. Buy a diversity of shares from companies operating in different fields and product ranges. Use a proportion of your capital to invest in gold and reserve a share for real estate deals. If at one time one sector disappoints you, the other may uncover tremendous gains, thereby balancing out your loss.

  1. Bury your money for future use

When we ask you to bury your money, we mean that! Dig a share of your monthly income so deep in your locker that nothing can tempt you to spend it away. This should be your emergency fund because if you invest everything you earn, there is a chance you will be forced into impetuous selling of your assets in times of crisis. You will be forced to suffer temporary losses if the investment is not retracted, which could potentially have turned into manifold gains in the long-run.

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  1. Buy shares in IT companies

This is the century of technological revolution. Every few days, there is a breakthrough in information technology which causes shares of these IT companies to skyrocket. You can safely invest in companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook to see monumental gains in your net worth.

  1. Invest in healthcare institutes.

The Healthcare industry is one that has an inelastic demand. No matter how severe the recession, the healthcare industry will flourish. After an eventful year with the killer corona, we are bound to see an inflow of funds towards the pharmaceutical companies to prepare for any such epidemic in the future. If you invest in pharmaceutical companies, you are in the safe zone.

  1. Gold

Gold is a golden investment zone. When the entire world economies crumble and the stock market crashes, the price gold will soar like an eagle high up, safe from the destructive forces. Gold is an asset that is independent of the stock market and dubbed as a safe haven by the investors. If you are a newbie in the field, save yourself from stock market uncertainties by parking some of your investments with gold.

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These top tips are taught by the investment maestros and are observed trends from their investment portfolios. If you follow these, there is minimal chance of going wrong. However, if you are still plagued with doubts, then invest with a fund manager who will diversify your capital in several fields to provide you the benefit of safe returns.

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