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Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For a Job

Being a part of a dynamic work environment is everyone’s dream, but often, people fail to crack the right opportunity when it comes their way. And the reason behind this is the unintentional neglect of small details, which experts refer to as silly mistakes.

Whenever a company decides to hire an employee, they always look for the best candidate who ticks all the correct boxes for them. While small scale organizations might overlook minute errors, they look for perfection when it comes to multinationals. Anything less than extraordinary isn’t acceptable to them.


Intechnic | When looking for a job, small mistakes can ruin a great opportunity

So in order to become a part of a healthy work environment, you need to not only be the master of your field but also portray yourself in the right manner. Any negligence on your part can cost you your dream opportunity.

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To help you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of the common mistakes that you should avoid when searching for internships or jobs:

Don’t be a copycat

The first rule to success is authenticity. While you can refer to some great resume samples or CVs of successful people, avoid copying the details. Every organization looks for genuine candidates, and if you copy your resume from other websites or samples, it gives the impression that you can do the same thing while working for the company. That’s not the first impression you want your future employer to have of you, do you?

Monitor your social media handles

Just so you know, your social activity helps prospective employers in understanding your personality. Say, for example, you support a cause that’s sensitive and the organization doesn’t take part in it. In such a case, they might think twice before hiring you, because, in their opinion, your stance on a certain cause might defame them in the future.


Forbes | Among other things, pay attention to your social image since that’s an aspect most modern recruiters consider

Always double check

You should avoid errors when submitting samples or giving tests. It’s advised that you should always keep some extra time at hand and check the completed work before submitting it. Who knows, your alertness could be what gets you hired!

Never forget to follow up

If you’ve applied to a handful of jobs or internships, it’s natural that you might forget to follow up on some of them. But to be on the safe side, always make a list of the company names you’ve applied and mention the status. This way, you can keep track of all your applications.

Stick to the rules

If the company you’ve applied to follows certain rules or guidelines, you should try and abide by them right from the application stage. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.


Rapid Formations | Find out and follow the specific rules and guidelines your prospective employer follows

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Wrapping it up

Applying for jobs can be tough and tiring at times, but you should stay calm and go with the flow. All of us face rejections at some point in our lives, but what defines us is the way we handle it. Therefore, never lose hope. Rather, stay patient and good things will come your way.

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