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About Us

Who We Are

Investment Guru is a top financial site established in 2015,  offering our readers a window into what’s new and trending in the financial world. From the most recent developments in global and local markets, to the latest buzz-generating investments – all in one place, written and served in a simple, clear way so that anyone can enjoy it, regardless of their financial background. We provide our readers with tips concerning savings and investments, to help guide them to the path of financial prosperity, as well as giving them a sneak peek into the lives of the rich and famous, and how they did it.  

Our Goal

We aim to give our readers new, important insights regarding the world of finance in general, and personal finance in particular. Our professional team of writers and editors works diligently to produce high quality content for our readers to enjoy and come back to whenever they need to get updated on finance, investments and everything in between.