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5 Everyday Items Definitely Okay To Splurge On

It’s pretty natural for people to always go to cheaper alternatives when it comes to shopping. We all want a good bargain and a huge discount on our list. Buying cheaper versions, like generic medicines just makes sense as, after all, they offer the same effect but at a more budget-friendly price.

There are also times where being a cheapskate is not ideal. There are certain objects where buying and trying out the cheaper version ends up being more expensive than buying the high-end ones. This is especially true when the items we are bargaining for are the things we use on a daily basis. In that term, the frequency of the item being used will outweigh the retail price of the object. In this way, we can save ourselves from the grocery visits and the stress of having to find a replacement.

These everyday items that we are about to discuss created an online buzz. The very simple question got a total answer of 6,500 on Reddit, a record-breaking thread for the site.

Kitchen Knives

Good kitchen knife sets are more of an investment than a splurge. This is one of the tools we use every day. Buying for the quality blades make cooking more stress-free and more convenient. The “stainless steel” mark is as honest as it can get, unlike the cheaper ones we find in the store.

Swiss knives are usually a chef’s option due to its blade quality

Pricey blades remain sharp and are always in better shapes, while the cheap ones go dull and rusty immediately. So don’t feel guilty checking out that chef’s knife because it’s totally worth it.


We spend most of our living days resting and sleeping. That is why investing in a soft and comfortable bedding is not a waste of money. Good bedding affects the quality of our sleep and our life in general. Cheap bed sheets usually feel rough and course on our skin, causing discomfort. Not to mention, they feel dry when it’s being washed regularly. Buying good quality can definitely save us some time looking for new ones, and getting a good night sleep is assured.


With the rise of music and music streaming companies, earphones are now a necessity than a want. True, there are many earpieces that look just like the expensive brands like Bose and Apple, but the quality will never be the same. The cheaper versions usually break easily, whether it be the wiring or the other piece stops functioning.

Apple received mixed reactions after releasing AirPods

People who have tried investing on the pricey side of the scale swear to never return on cheap, yet crappy earphones found installs.

Olive Oil

We all deserve some quality food that goes into our body, after all, it’s the only one we have. It has been established long time ago that olive oils are definitely healthier compared to vegetable oils. Olive oil has lower calories and cholesterol making it a fabulous option for everyone, not just the health buffs.

Olive oils are good for salad dressings and low-heat cooking. It’s not advisable to deep fry using olive since it doesn’t have a high-heat capacity. All the more reason to buy olive oil so we can never have an option of deep frying our food again.

Coffee Beans and Coffee Maker

Just imagine how much we can save by brewing our own coffee at home. A typical coffee run will cost us about $4 per cup, but it will only cost us around $1 if we make our own coffee. People who want their coffee flavored usually stay off from getting the traditional coffee maker for the fact that it only gives the brewed version.

Americans spend an average of $1,100 on Starbucks every year

But there are already many coffee makers that create latte, macchiato, and other sweetened coffee. It’s a little bit pricey compared to the traditional coffee makers but the accumulated savings from constantly going to Starbucks will definitely be worth it.


The consumerist in us fuels different companies by releasing more and more products we think we need, but we really don’t. That is why it’s important to decipher the needs and wants. Buying high-end products like designer clothes might not be a splurge-worthy investment since style and fashion constantly change. For the things that we use on a daily basis, quality is always better than quantity.

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