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5 Investment Portfolio Secrets to Increase Your Market Gains

One of the best secrets behind wealth accumulation is building up your investment portfolio. The biggest motivating factor for investors to take risks is the expectation of a higher reward. But, if only the investment world was that simple to maneuver! Often, investors get caught up in a bad deal, with a risk-return trade-off that is far from gratifying enough. So, in order to save face and make the best out of your investment journey, look into the following tips to boost your performance.

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1. Asset Allocation

The key to improving the performance of your portfolio is asset allocation across asset classes. One of the biggest mistakes investors make is not including securities in their portfolios. With a combination of bonds, billions, commodities, funds, non-convertible debentures, and stocks, an investor can to the best of what the financial markets have to offer.

2. Diversification

Diversification closely relates to asset allocation, not just across asset classes but also within them. For instance, if you’re putting your money into a mutual fund, it is important to spread that investment across different market capitalizations and investment strategies to save yourself from large losses.

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3. Reinvest Dividends

Dividend reinvestment is crucial for boosting your performance, especially if you’re a novice investor and have a steady stream of income. Unless you really need the excess income for an urgent situation, it’s best to reinvest it equally between bonds, funds, and stocks. What this does is increase your investment base, which therefore allows your investment to grow quicker.

4. Try Some Small and Mid-Caps

Evidently, investing in some small and mid-caps can give your portfolio an edge as well. Though they are a much bigger risk, these companies have the capability to outperform large-cap stocks. The best investment portfolios have a mix of several great quality companies.

5. Portfolio Rebalancing

In well-defined intervals – be it quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly – take out the time to rebalance your portfolio. This helps your portfolio reflect the change needed to maintain and guarantee optimal performance with respect to your investment objective, upcoming expenses, or market conditions.

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Bottom Line

Whether you’re a newbie to the market or a seasoned investor, the above-mentioned tips are holy grails for the investment market. Follow them to the tee, as these guidelines are your best shot at performing well in an otherwise turbulent and unpredictable arena.

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