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Amazon Is Ready to Acquire Dejected Toys ‘R’ Us Shopfronts

The legendary toy retail outfit, Toys ‘R’ Us, is busy shutting down its branches, even as Amazon courts the idea of acquiring some parts of its businesses. In this vein, the Internet-based retailer is planning to purchase Toys R Us’ jettisoned shopfronts as soon as the management closes them and renders them useless.

According to leaked reports, in a bid to spread its horizon and widen the brick-and-mortar impression in every nook and cranny of the US, Amazon has started to nurse the idea of buying a session of Toys ‘R’ Us outlets. The e-commerce behemoth may use the shops to manage its tools for Amazon Echo.

During the past week, the toy seller, Toys ‘R’ Us, declared its inevitable state of repudiation. During the early part of the year, the retail company was a proud owner of over 800 locations, until it published a statement that 180 shops stood the chance of being shut down in the first month of this year.

Financial Doom

Buying off the dejected shopfronts will go a long way to expand Amazon 

In a statement released by the president and CEO of the company, Dave Brandon, that particular day was the day for a new beginning at Toys R Us. He said that the management is hopeful that the problems of funds, which have always been the barriers for the company, will become a thing of the past when lasting solutions are proferred.

At the beginning of March 2018, the toy retailer made a public declaration on its changed management that took control of the company and expressed the critical state they were in. Apart from that, thousands of employees under Toys ‘R’ Us were enlisted for forceful layoffs. Every unfortunate incidence and decision reached by the toy producer was caused by insufficient funds to retain its respectable position.

The tough rivalry caused by innovations and technological advancement in the retail industry also posed a big threat to its market space, because customers are quickly abandoning the traditional type of shopping for the ones online.

The company responded to the unhappy events by reducing the population of its stores in America and Europe. One location was marked for bankruptcy in one area at Hampshire, while 26 UK stores were ticked for closures. At that time, this move was defended by Toys R Us’ administration as a “systemic cut down”.

To the Rescue for the Better

A Toys ‘R’ Us store that was earmarked for sales at Hampshire.

Amazon soon stepped in and showed interest in extending a helping hand to the company, by purchasing some of its locations which it planned to eliminate. The two retailers are not strangers to each other, as Toys R Us once signed a 10-year deal with Amazon to become its only toy supplier.

The advantages of this kind of vision were seen by experts as a wise one because it will bring customers’ favorite e-commerce store closer to them, as they will have the opportunity to transact and interact with Amazon’s services in real time.

Amazon is obviously playing its cards well as it ventures into brick-and-mortar sector, hence the sudden interest in Toys ‘R’ Us’ shopfronts. It would be remembered that since 2017, the online retailer has embarked on the journey of hammering down different lucrative sectors like the banking industry, acquisition of the Whole Foods chains, the launching of its bookstores, and many more. Also, reports are also indicating rapid growth of Amazon Go, its trademarked cashless system in shops all over the country, and the expansion will extend to the future.

The users who patronize Amazon will get the app for Amazon Go to gain access to the shop, then pick their choice of items which they love and leave the store. They will depart the stores without checkout or queue up lines.

In these stores, there is a technology that adopts a computerized vision, sensor welding and intensive learning which allows for automatic smoking out of product thefts, shift or when items are put back on their original shelves. It also keeps records of such items in the basic carts. Buyers will just have to take their goods and leave, afterward, the amount for everything they bought will be deducted from their Amazon personal accounts. In the store, there will be provisions for ready-made food packages, basic groceries, and local meals.

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