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Americans Are Shifting Their Focus To Investing – Here’s Why

Maybe it’s true when people say tough times make you stronger and today’s world is the perfect example for that. The pandemic greatly affected the lives of people around the world. From slowed-down economies to a drastic change in human behavior, it has essentially created a new normal. Fortunately, we’re living in much more stable times now with the vaccines rolling out and people are jumping on their long-time pending tasks asap.

Pexels | Economies across the globe have suffered, resulting in unemployment, salary deductions, and the need to take on odd jobs to make ends meet

Why the Sudden Boost in Investing?

Studies have shown that when a nation goes through hard times, it is natural for them to reevaluate their lives and question their priorities. Many Americans have come to a realization that financial stability is much more significant than they believed it to be. Thanks to this shift in perception, a large amount of the population is now looking to invest their capital to create a financial safety net for themselves and their loved ones.

A recent CNBC/Momentive Invest in You survey revealed chilling data showing that 26% of the population has started investing in the year 2020 and in that 26%, 60% are young investors who happen to be 18 to 34 years of age.

Pexels | More importantly, a large majority of new investors are POC and of Hispanic descent

How to Begin Investing?

So, if you are one of the people looking into investing and considering it seriously, then these tips might come in handy:

  1. Do Your Homework

Before jumping into anything, your first step should be to understand your situation – where do you stand? How much do you earn? What are your options? Secondly, you need to find yourself the right brokerage firm. While they all charge you a certain fee, you need to find someone reliable with minimal cost.

  1. Find Your Calling

Investing opens up a world of possibilities. From banks to mutual saving accounts, everything can be an investment. But, you have to decide what is right for you. Can you handle something with high returns but also high risks? You can either discuss these questions with someone who is a habitual investor, works in the industry, or you can read about it online.

Pexels | Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a trusted source who’s familiar with the market

  1. Gauge Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is an important part of investing. Since there are always risks when it comes to investing, you need to be crystal clear on how much risk you are willing to take. Generally, people with high incomes go for high risks while people with low income go for low risks. Low risk doesn’t promise a high return but it minimizes the chances of loss – and sometimes, slow and steady wins the race.

So, with all this new information, are you ready to invest?

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