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Bill Gates has Decoded the Secret to Happiness & No, It Doesn’t Involve Having Billions

While billionaires are envied for their immense wealth, regular people console themselves with the belief that the world’s richest individuals are not its happiest.

So, you might be both a bit upset and pleased to learn that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is one of the lucky few to have both a billion-dollar fortune and contentment in life. He shared his positive outlook now that he’s in his 60s during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit.

Find out more about his secrets to happiness as universalized to fit your own journey.

Constant Dialogue

Rob Crandall/Shutterstock — Gates become a billionaire at 31 and was the richest person in the world by the time he was 39

Speaking to your future and past self can give you a better perspective about what you’re currently experiencing right now.

For example, your 20-year-old self would likely discourage you to pursue certain things at 50 believing that you’re too old. This is where your 70-year-old can join the conversation and rightfully tell you that you may never have the same energy to do what you want to do now in the future when you’re even older.

Work-Life Balance

There’s a misconception that you need to sacrifice your personal life to have a successful career. This shouldn’t always be the case though.

Gates himself realizes the importance of witnessing his children doing well and spending time with them. In fact, he describes the experience to be something that’s ‘very special’.

Stay Active

Maxisport/Shutterstock — Gates says that he’s been playing tennis all his life

It’s been known that exercising regularly helps your body keep depression at bay. Being active increases your serotonin production and therefore, makes you happier overall.

Exercise also helps your brain handle stress, which is something that an executive like Gates has probably dealt a lot with. In his case, he found tennis to be a great way to relax for him.

Manifest Your Words

What Gates calls ‘making things happen on purpose’ life coaches call ‘manifesting’. The two concepts practically describe the same practice of doing what you said you’d do.

Following through can give you a better sense of your power. None of us can ever be in total control of the outcome of everything we do but we can control being true to our words.

Be Generous

angellodeco/Shutterstock — The Gates Foundation is currently funding various studies developing a COVID-19 vaccine

Another habit that likely contributes to Gates’ happiness is the habit of giving. Together with his wife Melinda, the billionaire has long been using his wealth to help the less fortunate.

You don’t have to give away millions of dollars to feel the same good feelings that being charitable brings though. There are many ways you can help others that don’t involve money.

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