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Breaking: Lawyers Decline to Represent Trump at The Russian Probe

A surprising case is ongoing in the camp of Donald Trump, as attorneys are refusing to be a part of his team to handle his defense case against the Russian probe. Many big legal firms in America turned down the president’s invitation, making it hard for him to get suitable alternatives as he sought for assistance.

At the moment, five big litigation firms have turned down the offer to stand in for Trump, and that was after the past week’s overturn within his personal defense crew. He also awaits excitedly the opportunity to give his testimony based on the ongoing probe involving Robert Mueller, the distinguished adviser.

During the last weeks, popular lawyers in Washington gave many factors that made them to turn down Trump. One of them is that Trump seems tough to deal with and he hardly accepts advice or recommendations from his legal advisers, going by past experiences. The common belief among them is that his political image is not popular, so he’s capable of denting reputations, rather than to encourage them. The attorneys whose clients involve big companies, are afraid of being criticized if they ever try to support him. A lot of them wish to be left out of Trump’s interests which could bring complex issues into other affairs.

Contrary to Trump’s claims on Twitter that several large legal companies are ready to work with his defense team, lawyers are declining one after the other

Not Willing to Face Trump

In the meantime, another two lawyers have also refused to be part of the legal movement. The head of the Washington-based Steptoe & Johnson law company, Philip West, (who also refused to help the president in 2017), said that the fact that Trump is an isolated person has made it hard for legal professionals to succumb to his invitation.

In spite of the reputation of Washington as a state blessed with a large body of law companies, numerous big players in the legal profession and huge law outfits that possess experts in the general US security matters are already occupied because they are now working for firms, witnesses, and clients who have one thing or the other to do with the Russia/Mueller investigation. Hence, only a small number of lawyers can be recruited by prospective clients in the middle of everything.

This is a shocking outcome which is new in Washington because such predicament has never occurred in the past, that a whole American number one citizen is finding it difficult to organize a legal crew with expertise that will defend him, as he’s been scrutinized deeply by the distinguished prosecuting attorney who looks intently into the president’s government and campaign. The current members in his legal team defending his case are two attorneys, which are Jay Sekulow and Ty Cobb, but none of them is connected to any conventional law chamber.

Trump was also recently rejected by Dan Webb and Tom Buchanan working for Winston & Strawn litigation firm. On Tuesday, they gave an official statement claiming that they have business disagreements as the major reason for their refusal.

Some lawyers within the legal outfit along with Webb are involved in the case of Dmytro Firtash, the oligarchic figure of Ukraine, who has been accused of a financial crime, an atrocity which he carried out in the city of Chicago, the same place that gave him refuge after been banished by the Austrian government. It was gathered that Firtash once worked as a business partner for Paul Manafort, the ex-chairman of Trump’s campaign who was also charged, and this has pointed at Firtash as a possible accomplice in the ongoing Mueller investigation.

Lawyers have formed the opinion that Trump is a hard nut to crack when it comes to working relationships

Creating the Defense Team

While speaking on the issue, Webb and Buchanan said that the attorneys regretted losing the chance to work for Trump in his legal team, because that would have bestowed on them the biggest honor. The firm added that its team wishes Trump good luck and it’s certain that Sekulow and Cobb will do exceptionally well in the defense case.

Information about these two representatives of Trump says that Sekulow heads an advocacy litigation and religion-based organization that is non-profit, and he’s the presenter of one interactive radio programme. Presently, he’s the main personal counsel to Trump, and the last man standing in that post. On the other hand, Cobb is an official at the White House who serves as a distinguished counsel in control of responses to the investigation with Russia.

The press secretary for the presidency, Sarah Sanders, replied to a question that was asked on who is likely to head the defending crew of Trump come Tuesday, that Trump is working with a highly professional team. She, however, directed journalists to see Sekulow for more information.

Names and details of other legal professionals who were also invited to join the defense crew in the ongoing Russian scandal are Emmet Flood, who had very robust working relationships with several state’s heads and possibly will work for the office of the council at the White House; Ted Olson, a one-time Solicitor General for America; Bob Giuffra, a lawyer in New York working on an expensive case involving Sullivan & Cromwell company; and lastly, the counsel for Bill Clinton during the legal case involving Paula Jones, Robert Bennett. However, Giuffra, Olson, and Bennett declined the invitations not long after they were sent to them.

Cohen is currently occupied wit Storm Daniels case, while John Dowd recently left his job, leaving Trump to search for help elsewhere

The president notwithstanding still possesses some alternative reputable legal companies and attorneys in his archives. These legal professionals oversee everything that concerns him, court cases and taxes. In addition to the office belonging to the counsel for White House, some of the attorneys are Charles Harder, handling the defense of Stormy Daniels’ case; Jones Day, a legal outfit responsible for the defense of Trump’s election campaign; and the firm which arranged for an account to cater for all investments and properties belonging to the president in 2017,Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

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