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Can You Delay a Job Offer without the Cost of Losing It? Deploy THIS Strategy!

Clearly, most times, after going from one interview to another or seeking one opportunity to another, we finally get a positive reply and suddenly, the pressure to accept the job offer without giving it a thorough look, amounts on us. At one point, one tends to ask this important question that we are about to answer: How does someone get to tell the hiring manager to “hold on” without saying “goodbye” at the same time?

So, to better educate you on how to act in such situation, Lynn Taylor shares her knowledge regarding the said matter and how to overcome the conundrum. According to her, most job offers usually come with specific response time, like 24 hours.

According to Taylor, though most employers demand that you give a final response at a specific time, they are also expecting pushback from you. What you need to do is obey the golden rule of thumb: always reply to the offering as soon as you see it, and take about two to three days to give your final answer.

Furthermore, she stated that for those clients who don’t stipulate the time frame for your  final answer, it could be okay for you to take about a week to think things through. Here are our essential tips on how to efficiently get the time you need to consider the offering presented to you, without hurting your chance at it.

Most times a little show of excitement and gratitude can go a long way to rob your time extension in

Be excited and make them notice

Going with “wow, thank you for the offer, I will need some time to go through it and make my decision,” doesn’t say “wow, thank you for the offer. I accept.” However, it goes a long way to tell the employer that you are delighted you have the chance to work with them. Furthermore, with your excitement and gratitude, you can naturally buy yourself a time extension depending on the employer.

Request your time window

Another effective way to buy time is to outrightly tell the employer when you can get back to them. You can go like “ Hi, thanks so much for the offer! I would really love to work with your firm. Can I give you feedback on Thursday regarding this opportunity?” What you don’t want to do after asking for a specific time is to disappoint the employer. So, use the time you got to make the necessary decision and inform the employer about your final response.

It is better to know what you are all in for than to enter with your eyes closed. Observe the details

Comprehend the full picture

When you get a job offer, most times there are things that are left unanswered, things that might jeopardize your working experience in the firm. Why not ask them now that you are yet to say yes? It will get you more informed, help you make a better decision, and help you buy time. So, consider if extra benefits are accounted for, like bonuses, dental, vision, vacation, and medical compensations among others.

Several things aside benefits you could use to stall time is finding out your working hours and other culture that employees in the organization must abide by.

Negotiation is okay

While it is true that you don’t want to lose the job you spent time and other resources to get, you don’t want to have bad working experience with the company because you were scared to get things right in the first place. The few days of your employment offering is the crucial time you need to interview the company to know if it suits your style and budget. Hence, go all out to negotiate your response time and any other detail with the employer.

There is nothing like a love triangle, and here you have the chance to be the one they are fighting for

Strategize with your other offers

While some may find it right to keep their second job offer a secret from the first, it is a waste of strategy. Don’t accept the first job offer if you know it is just to pass the time until the second one works out. Instead, you should use the first opportunity to compel the second one, and vice versa. Be honest if they ask you if you have any other job offers, but don’t give them many details regarding the work. If they don’t ask, it is okay for you to let your most preferred employer know at the beginning that you have another employment opportunity and that you will need some time to think things through, based on what they are offering.

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