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This CEO’s Best Career Advice Is To Live Every Day Ready To Be Fired – Is It Worth Following?

Oftentimes, you come across career advice that either makes you or breaks you. It either helps you further your career, or it lands you in sticky situations. Career advice is necessary, and in this changing dynamics of the work nature, people should actively seek out career advice.

You can learn a lot from your previous experience and your workplace, but you also do a great deal of learning from observing your mentors, seniors, and more experienced individuals. This was exactly the case with IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna, who built up his career in the field and eventually took the spot as the CEO of the 111-year-old tech company.

Sora/Pexels | You can take advice from everyone, but you have to be very careful about using it

The Advice Shared By IBM CEO

Krishna shared details about his working style, his history, and how he got where he is now after spending an hour with Fortune Connect Fellows. The IBM CEO shared a vital piece of advice that was shared by his mentor. He said that you should live every day with the belief that you can be fired at any given moment. He continued and mentioned that once you start believing that, it gives you a freeing feeling and makes you feel like you are not tied down by anyone or anything.

Coach/Pexels | Life is too short to continue working in a field that you are not fond of

If the current workplace, workstyle, or even career doesn’t align with your goals, you can always start again by leaving and applying for someplace that would work for you. In simpler words, you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a few steps forward or backward because even if you do get fired, you can always start again. You’ve already done it once.

Is This Advice Worth Listening To?

A short answer: yes. While there is no doubt when it comes to the credibility of the IBM CEO, this advice may resonate with many people as there are so many out there who are getting up every day to work in a field or a role that they don’t enjoy or find rewarding anymore. Many factors stop them from changing their jobs or their career paths like the fear of not getting a job of the same standard or the fear of not being able to meet the demands.

To this, Krishna’s advice plays a vital role in letting you know that if you can excel and develop your career, then nothing can stop you from doing it all over again. So, it would be the best advice to tell you to quit your job in this instance, but it can help you raise questions about where you want to be in terms of your career and what you can do to change that, so you get the best that life has to offer.

Alexander/Pexels | The best job is the job that makes you happy and aligns with your goals

That sounds like great advice that many of us could use.

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