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A College Education is an Investment, But College Graduates Say They Regretted Taking These Majors

Getting a college education is often seen as a sort of investment in oneself. It opens doors to many opportunities as well as higher-paying jobs. But a college diploma today doesn’t seem to have the same value as it did decades ago.

Add to this is the fact that the cost of going to college has been increasing steadily in the past years, and people are now questioning whether pursuing a degree is even worth it anymore with some graduates even expressing regret in their chosen majors.

Fading Value

The starting salaries for new graduates didn’t even grow by 1% over the previous two years

Experts also cite the slow growth of starting salaries for new graduates as another reason for the fading value of a college education. Even worse is that more than 1 in 5 graduates are currently working in positions that didn’t even require them to have a degree.

On the other hand, experts have found also that there are still numerous benefits. According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, people with a bachelor’s earn 84% more than their peers who only have a high school education.

However, it’s worth noting that one’s salary is still dependent on their field of study and work. The same report found that people who earned a degree in business, health or STEM got the highest salaries.

Most Regretted Majors

Around 42% of English & Foreign Languages majors surveyed said they regretted their area of study because it’s impractical and offers limited job opportunities

According to a ZipRecruiter survey that administered on 5,000 job-hunting college graduates, the top five most regretted college majors are English & Foreign Languages, Biology & Physical Sciences, Education, Social Sciences & Law, and Communication. In general, the graduates cited these because of the low income that comes with working in the said fields. However, this isn’t the only reason they shared.

For example, Social Sciences & Law graduates said that they found their major too general and impractical. What more, they mentioned that it was difficult for them to find work without needing further studies.

Meanwhile, Ian Siegel, CEO at ZipRecruiter shared some observations about today’s workforce. Siegel said that the current generation wants a job that has meaning or purpose more than the ones who came before them. He attributes this desire to the fact that they are more aware of what their peers are doing and thus want to keep up with them.

Least Regretted Ones

Computer Science & Mathematics graduates showed the least regret in their area of study

On the other hand, students who majored in Computer Science & Mathematics, Business, Engineering, Health Administration & Assisting, and Health Sciences & Technologies said that they felt positive regarding their choice. For example, 15.91% of business graduates said they regretted their decision to major in the field citing the fact that it’s too general as the primary reason why.

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