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Congress Is LYING about Budget Deficits, Says Collender

The Government’s Role in the Budget 

The issue of the budget deficit once again came into focus when a journalist and political commentator, Stan Collender, bore his mind. Collender saw the Americans as playthings in the hands of President Trump’s government, the White House, and the Republicans in the Senate. In fact, says Collender, he was being modest with that description of how the GOP has turned the budget issue into a bunco tournament.

CBO has done its part by releasing vital information about the predicted budget deficit, but the House doesn’t seem ready to remedy the problem.

He referred to the report published by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) one week ago, which revealed that the current official forecast on the federal government deficit would go up to nearly $1 trillion by 2019, a historical deficit indeed. There is also a certainty that such rate of deficit will be maintained or even rise again annually till 2028.

Collender says that definitely, these estimations nearly under-valued the real deficiency which will come up because it’s been assumed by the CBO that the existent policy will be adhered to. Going by this assertion, the assumptions here is that each single share in the budget which was enacted through the tax bill in 2017 is likely designed to become useless and invalid according to the pre-determined schedules. In case the allotments are expanded, the budget shortfall will add a surplus of $2.6 trillion more than CBO’s forecast.

When the approval of the tax bill was executed, some months later, the Congress, which is under the power of the GOP, accepted to intensify federal expenditure and the shortfall of the budget by an alternative $130 billion.

The Congress wants to cut down on the Pentagon’s profits while increasing the financial support for it, and that just the home-front aspect in the fiscal budget will be removed, Collender claims.

Collender continued by saying that the Republicans at the Senate, who were the same set of lawmakers that tried to convince the people about 8 years back that their policies are fiscal-friendly and modest, insisted vehemently that budget must be balanced and that the country’s debt should not go up, now were the ones who foot the bill, approved and jubilated due to the possibility of the Congress resulting in a steady deficiency of $1 trillion and another country’s debt that certainly will rise to a GDP of almost 100% come 2028.

Congress Republican members and the House were facilitated by the president of GOP who once stated when he was campaigning that his plan was to remove the shortfall and offset every debt.

The Deception

However, it’s obvious that the US president and Republicans deceived Americans by pretending to be going towards one direction but acting in the opposite direction at the same time by using the two proposed acts which are now games of budget boldness by what they’re doing as the federal government, says Collender.

He pointed out some of their actions which speak volume of their ulterior motives. He said they concealed the actual expenses of the shares in tax accompanied by the expiration, hoping to claim that their acts were considerate fiscally. On the other hand, their acts were economically  thoughtless in the real sense of it.

They also stubbornly suggested that the allotment of tax would cater financially for themselves but later agreed that the Congress would have to inflate the shortfall in the 2019 budget by the president, which was published many months after.

They violently struck CBO, a non-political organization that is well-known to be reliable for its track records of not bringing out expenditure estimates which would have made the lawmakers’ plans simpler. They also executed a big tax allotment that inflated the shortfall and a whole provision of fiscal 2019 valued at $1.3 trillion that expanded the more and afterwards contended that the actual predicament lies with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

There is a suspected foul play by the Republicans and the president on the tax allotments.

Collender also pointed out that these people frequently lamented about compulsory expenditure but folded their arms without attempting to resolve it, although the two houses consist of the primary party members in Congress and the White House.

They also didn’t settle the 2019 fiscal budget because the expenditure and tax bills were executed and that shot up the yearly budget deficiency at the federal level to more than $1 trillion.

In conclusion, when these analysis are carefully considered, says Collender, then people will realize that nothing is true about all the official statements and releases by Trump and the Republicans. He compared their cunningness to a triple card game of monte, which needed a box made from cardboard for it to be played, usually done by one end of a street. The government believes that they are playing this game smartly because of how they are playing the budget issue.

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