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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Yourself Up for Financial Freedom In Your 20s

Are you in your 20s and completely clueless on how to achieve financial growth? Fret not, because you are not alone – this is a pivotal age, which means it is crucial that you know how to enjoy your money and, at the same time, how to save up for your future.

Unfortunately, you’re not young anymore to not care about your finances since you are likely a taxpayer and a salary earner. That said, you are practically carving a path with every money decision you make, so here are tips for setting yourself up financially:

Needs Vs. Wants

We get it – your first paycheck can make you feel like a millionaire no matter how much you received. However, careless spending could ultimately determine the downward path of your finances.

This is where you need to use your intuitiveness. Before buying anything, ask yourself if it’s a ‘need’ or a ‘want.’ We are not talking about life’s essentials like food or shelter rather about things you may feel you couldn’t live without.

Kite_rin/Shutterstock Weigh if your purchases are wants or needs

Before swiping that card, reflect if the benefits of having this purchase far outweigh the cons or if you’ll soon regret buying it. This way, you are practicing how to make sound decisions that will be useful in choosing massive investments.

Importance of Budget

Again, it can be easy to fall into the trap of overspending, which is why you badly need to keep track of your expenses and savings. Be bounded by a budget to ensure you’re not maxing out your salary but more importantly, you need to follow it.

Syda Productions/Shutterstock Budgeting can help you keep track of your money

Knowing that your spending amount is limited will make you feel conscious about every purchase. Although it may seem too restricting, it is one of the most effective ways to attain financial success, experts noted.


You probably read somewhere that 20s is the ideal age to invest aggressively. Although a part of this is true, what others don’t tell you is that you need to be very familiar with the trade first before taking a bite. Investing can exponentially grow your money

Investing promises financial growth, but this would depend on how you play your cards. Carefully study and understand the craft and take advantage of what you have learned. Choose wisely where you’ll put your money into – remember, this is your hard-earned moolah you’re risking.


Knowing what your goals are can keep you inspired and motivated to work toward your financial aspirations. Just like drawing a blueprint, you must first have an idea of what future you want to have.

Moreover, set a timeframe when you want to achieve these milestones so that you have a guide.

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