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How To Find The Best Crossover SUV Deals On The Market

You’ve probably noticed that crossover SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles in the United States. They’ve replaced the once-popular sedan with their agility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

There are many more benefits of crossover SUVs, depending on your location and circumstances. For urban areas, crossovers’ size and shape enable easy maneuvering through busy streets and crowded parking lots, compared to the bulkier sedan and many other cars in the same class.

On the other hand, if you live somewhere with severe weather, an SUV will again prove superior because it is much higher off the ground compared to most other cars.

In short, crossover SUVs are built to have no downsides in terms of functionality, versatility, and usage; this is probably why they are practically dominating the market. However, their one con might be finding a good deal, but even that can be managed with a few tips and tricks.

Kent G. Budge/Wikimedia Commons | Crossover SUVs are built to have no downsides in terms of functionality, versatility, and usage

When To Buy A Crossover SUV?

If you don’t know already, there is something called the end-of-model-year closeout sale. This is a good opportunity to find the lowest prices on crossovers as all dealerships want to sell existing models to make room for the next ones. While you might be getting the soon-to-be last year’s model, that rarely means less functionality or less of anything else really.

What Constitutes “The Best Deal”?

There are a few things you need to consider before buying an SUV:

  • Will your crossover SUV be accommodating a family?
  • Do you deal with a lot of ice and snow when driving?
  • Clothing vs. leather
  • What features you can and absolutely cannot live without?

It is obvious that the cost is not the only thing one should consider when looking for the best deal. These are only some of the questions you should ask yourself, as each situation is different. All Wheel Drive SUV is a good solution for dealing with ice and freezing, so if you will be driving in extreme weather conditions, try not to get sidetracked by some other flashy albeit not really necessary features for you.

Jiří Sedláček/Wikimedia Commons | Range Rover Velar and the BMW X1 are two of the most luxurious and expensive crossover SUV models

Is It Important If The SUV Crossover Is Popular?

Currently, Range Rover Velar and the BMW X1 are two of the most luxurious and expensive crossover SUV models, but that could soon change. The point is, things move quickly in the automobile industry so it’s best to stick to your budget and needs instead of buying the latest model in the market.

Syntaxlord/Wikimedia Commons | It’s best to stick to your budget, instead of trying to get the latest model of your favorite SUV

How Do I Negotiate A Better Deal?

The first thing to look at here, as with all cars, is hidden fees that dealerships try to stick in for things like delivery, equipment, keys, and other things. You’d be surprised how all this can add up quickly and high. With some simple negotiating, like asking for extra benefits or freebies (like free servicing, accessories, and extended warranties) you can easily get a few thousand off of the initial price.

Is A Used Model Going To Get Me A Better Deal Than A New One?

Once again, your specific needs and budget dictate this, not the model you are aiming for. If you need your crossover to get you through a few seasons until you get some more cash together and then sell it and buy an even better one, you might go for a used model. If you want it to last for longer, then going for new is a better option.

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