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Here’s How to Successfully Boost Your Retirement Savings

A lot of people have been pondering on how much possible it is to boost their retirement savings. As a matter of fact, they do not know that with their thoughts and imagination lies the solution to this situation. So, how is this possible?

A research recently concluded that if workers can have an insight into their future, it is possible that they become very motivated on how to go about their retirement saving plans. This will help them deviate from the act of worrying about every single penny they have spent.

Millennials suggest more saving percentage because they understand how important it is in the golden age

This research was carried out by a financial institution that majors in the investment field, and for this study, they made use of 1,202 adults. These adults all had varying income as well as different age group. The study was based on asking basic questions from individuals like what their notion about employment is, how they are expecting to live at their old age and a lot more.

Furthermore, the group was divided into half and apart was asked the amount they have set aside for the retirement investment from their regular payroll deduction.  They were also asked about how they have envisioned their lives at ages 60, 70 and 80.

The answer most provided to this question were making more friends of their age, trying to be more active politically, trying to pursue some of the activities that gives them joy, and those which they have passion for, while some said they would like to make attempts at making the world a better place through ideologies gained over their lifetime. Another important question which was taken into cognizance in how they expect their health situation to be at such age, and how much closer they will love to be with friends and families.

The other half of the group were also quizzed on their old age envisions, and how much investment should be made or set aside for this that stage of life. After considering the average opinion of the second group, it was found that they recommended saving about 31% more. The men among the millennials suggested about 52%, while the women suggested about 42%.

What to Derive?

We know you are inquisitive about the underlying message that this research must carry.  It is as simple as if you can envision your retirement briskly, you can so impact your investment and savings. This was the key message that heather Lord, the vice president of capital Group wanted to put across majorly.

Now the next step of this study work is to make help these workers visualize how they can make the investment and saving pans successfully such that they will know what percentage of their payroll goes into the savings.

Having a clear vision of your retirement years can influence how you choose to invest and save your percentages of your earnings.

What Percentage of Paycheck Should be Invested on?

A quick result of the research work is that the group of individuals was further analyzed into various generations that consist of Millennials, middle generation, and Baby boomers. All of these group results on how much of their paycheck should be invested respectively are 52%, 22%, and 14%.

It is clear that the millennials really believed in saving more probably due to their experience, and this shows clearly that people should be saving almost twice their earning.

It is also obvious that a lot of people have saving plans that give them an edge over some others, and this person will definitely be more comfortable later on as they approach old age when compared others. Another Research study also showed that more reasons to save twice of what is being earned are that an estimated about of about $280,000 goes into health bills for the average old man. This research was a group known as fidelity investment.


From the research, it was clear that a lot of millennials will have saved more if they have thought about their old age years and trey as much to envision it.  The research also had 85% of the individuals that partook in it claiming that a lot of Americans need to make better attempts as savings and investment so has to prepare for their old age years better, and not become reliant on friends and families.

One key way of going through this is for workers to have a lot of investment plans apart from those for retirement. This plans could be long term, where there is surety for a lot of funds to have been generated. With this, they can have a better life at their golden age.

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