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The House Intelligence Committee Messed It Up! Here’s Why

The Intelligence Committee in the House didn’t carry out deep scrutiny into all the Russian clients involved in President Trump’s election campaign, the latest report drafted by one group which is associated with the Democrat explains, citing the parts where the committee messed up.

The majority party in the committee, the Republican, unanimously agreed to make available their concluding report by Thursday, and will formally signify the last stages of their probe. However, report from the Moscow Project showed that the group failed to obtain the full essence of every communication among the president’s clients that were interviewed, out of 81 percent of popular contacts involved in the Russian campaign.

In other words, it revealed a dent on the project which lacked sufficient details needed from the Russian clients, meaning that the majority faction found in the committee should have been more patient before ending its investigations in such a short time.

Schiff is unhappy about the committee’s performance.

Recording the Data

The committee, named ‘Center for American Progress’ Moscow Project’, that is saddled with the responsibility of intently recording the data and details that have to do with agents in the Russian scandal, detected popular leads of 70 links between officials working for Trump and investigators connected to Russia. There were 22 meetings held between both factions.

According to the report delivered by the project, during the process of examining the 81 percent portion of the leads, there was just moderate information which the committee received from important agents who worked for Trump. The clients involved in the matter were not contacted by 60 percent of the committee members.

Overall, not less than a dozen team members working for Trump had links with the Russian crew, while not less than another set of ten people had known about these leads, says the report.

Furthermore, the names and posts of the dozen (12) people that were familiar with the Russian leads are mentioned in the report, and they are;

1. Michael Cohen – Trump’s attorney

2. Roger Stone – One-time counsel in a political campaign;

3. Donald Trump Jr – Son to Trump;

4. Jeff Sessions – Attorney General;

5. Paul Manafort – Ex-manager for campaign;

6. J.D Gordon – Former director on national security;

7. Jared Kushner – The senior adviser at the White House;

8. Carter Page – Former adviser on foreign policy;

9. Michael Flynn – Former adviser on national security at the White House;

10. Erik Prince – A private entrepreneur and official on security;

11. George Papadopoulos – Former adviser on international policy;

12. Anthony Scaramucci – Former director of communications at the White House.

The three individuals who led the campaign for Trump, viz; Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s adviser; Paul Manafort, ex-chairman for the campaign, and Corey Lewandowski, ex-manager for the campaign, were labeled as people who were familiar with these leads.

Many stones were left unturned by the committee since majority of the leads were not questioned.

Unfortunately, the project committee was said to have disappointed by not interviewing eight out of these people, in addition, they didn’t make demands from five out of 22 individuals who might be in possession of contacts, or know them personally, to release every single information that might be useful for the committee, the report stated.

More details in the report showed 15 individuals from the campaign team who denied any connection with Russia or its communication. One of them was Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General. However, not long after information leaked that one security gathering related to the nation and the campaign was held where the ex-campaign international policy counsel, George Papadopoulos, said that he once contacted officials from Russia, Sessions retracted his former statement and claimed that he didn’t remember anything concerning the gathering. Afterward, Sessions refused to preside over the Russian probe by DOJ.

Jeff Session (R) and Donald Trump Jr.

Displeased Adam Schiff

A further statement from the report indicated that from 21 percent of the leads, committee members who are Democrats had asked the House to invite witnesses for the purpose of coming forward to give their testimonies and answer questions from the committee. Democrats believed that some witnesses are possible liars, unlawfully entreated benefits to be exempted from being questioned. Also, some latest details implied that there are more to be told than what they initially told the House.

Adam Schiff, a top committee member, condemned the decision made by the committee which showed that they rushed the investigations, due to how insufficient its interview was, interviewing less number of contacts than its expected amount.

The lawmaker also hinted that there is evidence obtained by Democrats that complicity exists between Russian and president Trump, regardless of how much Republicans try to conceal such from the report.

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