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Katt Williams Accuses Former Employee of Embezzlement, You Won’t Believe How Much He Stole!

Has Jamele Hill ever been known as one to hold back? With a career spanning over two decades, we can say that he has made a name for herself. To cement this, you only have to listen to her new podcast, Jamele Hill is Unapologetic.

Episodes on the podcast have become a much-needed platform for celebrities to share their opinions, thoughts, and even reveal stuff about themselves.

$59 Million!

Earlier this month, Katt Williams used to platform to reveal that he became a victim of embezzlement. Speaking to his host (Hill), the comedian accused his former employees of stealing a whopping $59 million from him!

$59 million gone!

Remember when Williams was once in the throes of a financial crisis? The Department of Justice was all over him, with having a look at his finances being part of the department’s investigation.

It was during this period that they uncovered that the man’s financial woes were largely thanks to an elaborate embezzlement scheme.

Before even the Justice Department was involved, Williams was always wondering why he’d find himself in financial trouble time and again when he was fairly confident that he should have been financially secure. He has his suspicions, but they weren’t really confirmed until the scheme was unearthed.

All the same, the comedian insists that he can’t provide more details about the embezzlement, as the investigation is currently ongoing. This, however, didn’t stop him from firing the employees that were stealing from him, and he even says that they tried to get more money via blackmail.

Katt has been arraigned in court severally

If you’re wondering how the Department of Justice came to be in Williams’ business, it was because they suspected the man of money laundering. Luckily for him, they ended up exposing the culprits that were responsible for his seemingly questionable finances. You bet he was glad!

Nevertheless, the whole situation is marred by a host of unanswered questions, and we hope that everything will come to light soon enough.

As you very well know, Katt Williams is no stranger to financial problems. Back in 2012, the IRS was giving him no peace. The man owed them $284,419 in back taxes, and the revenue service was forced to bring up a lien against him.

At loggerheads with the law

In addition to financial issues, the comedian has also had numerous run-ins with the law, much to the surprise of his close friends. According to them, Katt is very well-mannered, and that’s why they are baffled every time he has a legal issue.

At his best, no one can touch him

Leunell, a fellow comedian and one who has been friends with Katt for over two decades describes him as hilarious, intelligent, and witty. Marcus Raboy, who directed Katt’s breakout film Friday After Next in 2002, says that when the comedian is focused, he is quite the force to reckon with.

Katt, as you would expect, turns his numerous altercations with to comedy material, much to the delight of his fans. Most of us would agree that he gets both triumphs and slip-ups in equal measure, no?

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