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Did You Know That Brand Reputation is Important for Your Security Business?

Have you ever scrolled past a company’s social media or Google page and decided not to use their service because of all the bad reviews people had given them? Now, switch the roles. Imagine if you lost your clients because of your company’s bad reputation. Yes, brand reputation is important and having a positive one is even more important.

Creating a good reputation in security consists of getting yourself familiar with the soft and operational skills that organizations need. Companies usually prefer entrusting their needs to someone with experience and these particular skills. Additionally, while these skills are essential for a good security career, there are a few ways through which you can create your own personal brand and for your company as well.

Pexels | Yes, there is such a thing as bad publicity

Negative Experience, Negative Reviews

Many studies have concluded that there is, in fact, a correlation between a candidate’s experience with any company with regards to job application and the company’s brand reputation. Many people believe that there is a strong connection between interaction with potential employees and the company’s product sales.

Though this may be confusing but think of it like this – you visit a company where you’ve applied for a job. The company’s HR department calls you 12 hours before the interview, giving you little to no time to prepare or even clear your schedule. The company is already in your bad books.

Once you reach the interview, you have a bad experience with the employer and staff there, and you believe that you’ve been mistreated. Chances are the next time you talk to someone, you would mention the awful experience, thereby resulting in negative publicity for the company. Soon, the word will spread, and it will create a major impact.

Pexels | PR strategies won’t be able to pull your company out of a troublesome situation

Turn the Frown Upside Down

To study the extent of the impact, try to guess the number of applicants a company receives and then try to guess how many experiences would’ve been negative ones. There are reports that indicate that candidates are more likely to share their bad experiences online and will not promote the company.

A company receives multiple hundreds of applications – whether asked for or not – but in order to create a positive brand reputation, it is necessary for the company to take measures to avoid any unpleasant experiences. This can be done through a nicely-worded letter and acknowledging their effort to apply to your company.

Pexels | Make sure that onlookers see a good image of your company

The job market is tough, the frustration is even tougher. But, by changing a few things, you can protect yourself and your company from negative reviews.

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