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Are You Making These Serious Investment Mistakes? Tony Robbins Will Tell You

Considering the volatility of the stock market, certain money mistakes can affect the wealth strategies of any individual investor. It is therefore important to avoid such mistakes. They include:

  1. Being Rigid With Your Investment Beliefs

A smart investor has to be flexible and should also be willing to correct his approach should the need to do so arise. According to Tony Robbins, a business strategist, an investor should try not to be swayed by the biases that hinder intelligent investment choices. The important thing is to get opinions from qualified individuals.

A lot of famous investors such as Ray Dalio (a billionaire who founded a hedge fund which is currently one of the largest in the world) are always on the lookout for different viewpoints to discover how other investor’s reason, as well as the facts they likely, didn’t know before.

A smart investor has to be flexible and should also be willing to correct his approach should the need to do so arise

You should consult a trusted financial adviser that has a long-standing success record to guide you. Warren Buffet also understands the importance of getting an expert opinion as he regularly consults with Charlie Munger, his partner who is also Berkshire Hathaway’s vice chairman.

In an annual report, Buffett highlighted that it was Munger who convinced him into changing the investment strategy he typically used. He noted that one has to discard what he or she knows about acquiring fair businesses at prices that are wonderful but rather focus on buying wonderful businesses at prices that are fair.

  1. Regarding current events as a trend

Getting freaked about the current volatility of the stock market might be a quick reaction, but now isn’t the time to overreact. According to Robbins, there are always times when there are booms and other times of busts as they are all components of a market cycle. Robbins likened Bear and bull markets to seasons that always come and go.

There are always times when there are booms and other times of busts and those are all components of a market cycle

It is a simple truth that is also very important. Fear is one of the major threats to wealth as it is an emotion that can cause one to make poor investment decisions. According to Robbins, an investor who panics when a market experiences downturn and ends up selling out, as a result, can never recoup the assets on an upside. According to experts, after the market hits a low, it takes about four months averagely for it to get even again. Robbins mentioned that it is important to note that 80% of corrections that occur when the market falls 10% from a 52-week high, never move to a bear market.

However, a lot of investors don’t buy the right thing at the right time because they always assume that a current trend in the market will remain that way till a later time. According to Warren Buffet, a lot of investors project into the market future the things they’ve been seeing recently, and they stick to that habit without bending.

However, individual investors need to do what successful investors do, and that is creating a simple list that contains the rules that would guide them in situations that become too emotional. That would help them remain on course and on target on a long-term basis.

  1. Overestimating Their Investment Abilities

Several investors tend to overestimate their abilities, their knowledge as well as their prospects according to Robbins. He added that it turns out to be a psychological bias which can happen for diverse reasons. That includes getting convinced by some financial professionals that there is a new investment that they need to check out and they end up allowing the professional’s passion to serve as their source of confidence.

Some people have the tendency to get overconfident. University of California’s Finance professors, Terrance Odean and Brad Barber looked into stock investments of over thirty-five households over a five-year period. They discovered that men tend to be more overconfident and they traded 45% more than their women counterparts and that reduced their returns with about 2.65% per year.

Men tend to be more overconfident, and they traded 45% more than their women counterparts

A lot of the great investment gurus in the world such as Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group advise that people should invest in a portfolio that has index funds that are low-cost and hold on to them whatever happens. That helps you get returns, and you don’t have to incur management fees, high tax bills, and transaction costs.

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