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Meet Micheal Brown, the Teenager Who Got Twenty University Admissions!

In a mood of jubilation and excitement, this handsome 17-year-old chap by the name Micheal Brown admired the acceptance notice from Stanford University in the company of his loved ones.

However, it may amuse you to know that Brown didn’t get accepted only to Stanford, but also to other 19 Universities, making them 20 schools that sent letters of acceptance to this genius, and he received these letters almost at once.

Houston-based Micheal Brown put in for admission into top ranking 20 best universities across America, and he got accepted by them all, coupled with one complete ride and offers of scholarships valued at $261,000 as an additional tip.

Micheal’s family and friends are still amazed by this landmark success

Brown’s breathtaking success

While speaking with journalists during an interview, he expressed his delight at the amazing success, saying that he’s very proud with himself because his diligence, dedication, and sacrifices are worth all the while after all, and they are yielding good results.

When asked to mention his best eight colleges which he most preferred, he mentioned Yale; Stanford; Harvard; Georgetown; Northwestern; Princeton; Vanderbilt, and finally, the University of Pennsylvania.

Brown is presently holding the senior position at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School. He’s an active and dynamic boy who has always participated in the debate events at Mirabeau B. Lamar with other team members, did many mock tests, and got engaged in student politics for many years. In addition to that, he also cooperated in campaigns for politics.

Brown wishes and desires to study political science for his degree, and may take another course in economics as another degree which will serve as his second choice.

Last year December was the month he collected the first admission letter, so he decided to go hang out with one of his friends in his apartment because he wanted to avoid the stress of doing it with every member of his family.

He explained that his family placed so much pressure on him concerning the admission without knowing the rigorous processes involved. Nonetheless, he couldn’t hide such from his most loyal fan who happens to be none other than his mother.

Berthinia said that her teenage son became more confident to take full charge of his schooling when he completed 6th grade. The happy mother went on to say that her son concentrated so much, because as young as he was then, he already had an idea of the things he desired.

Micheal posing with two other students who also recently gained admission into Harvard University

His mother took her time to make sacrifices for him. Prior to giving birth to him, Berthinia had already given birth to three kids but lost them all, then a fourth pregnancy produced him. As soon as she saw her surviving son, she threw her full weight behind him and put her all into his life.

According to Berthinia, in all the subjects Michael did and sat for throughout his educational sojourn, he got just a single B, something she believed was too tough for an ordinary goal-driven individual to achieve.

Last month 28th, the lucky boy uncovered the final four acceptance letters which would signify the beginning of his trip into 20 schools. Berthinia had to cut short her afternoon duties as a certified chemical dependency adviser to join him in the celebration.

Searching for more achievers

Micheal with his mother, Berthinia Ruthledge-Brown

He keeps meeting and mingling with numerous friends when associations such as Emerge Fellowship, QuestBridge, in conjunction with Breakthrough Collaborative are involved. Students who are residents of low-cost areas are paired with students who come from the high-cost level of academic privileges.

As a matter of fact, the friendly teenager has made not less than a friend whenever he takes his projects to any Ivy League college, and he attributed the success to his programs. He emphasized on the essentials of making use of his avenue to inspire other students and let them know that dreaming big is good and possible for them as well.

In the following month, Micheal Brown is preparing to be extremely busy.  He’ll be going around these schools, after which he will select his best and final option by 1st of  May. By the time summer comes, the young man plans to keep himself busy for two weeks, going across the surrounding cities which have the historical records for fighting and struggling to advocate for fairness on racial issues.

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