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In Memory of 9/11: Saudi Arabia Denies Involvement, Lands Lawsuits

Last Wednesday, the judge of the US court sitting in Manhattan, overruled the request from Saudi Arabia which asked for the cancellation of lawsuits that implied its involvement in the grand plan that led to the 9/11/2001 assault, and the lawsuits also ordered the country to pay fines worth billions in American currency for damages as compensation to the victims.

While speaking, George Daniels, the District judge, explained that the accusations by the plaintiffs almost enunciate an undoubtable ground which is enough for the authority to pronounce judgement on Saudi Arabia, in compliance with the JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) law, a legal guideline set by the federal government in 2016.

It would be recalled that on the 11th of September, 2001, close to 3,000 lives were lost when seized airplanes which suddenly appeared from the skies smashed into the World Trade Center in New York, situated at the premises of the Pentagon, over Washington, and close to an open ground in Pennsylvania.

Saudi in Denial

Saudi Arabia may never have the chance to escape the lawsuits in spite of its denials

The attack was attributed to Jihad battles in relations to Islamic struggles, and Saudi Arabia became the prime suspect. However, the government of the country debunked the allegations linking it to the 2001 attacks.

Counsels representing Saudi Arabia delayed their responses when they were asked to comment concerning the judge’s verdict. During a stock and commerce program which was organized by Saudi and held in New York, they were asked if the verdict by the court would adversely affect the business partnerships Saudi has with the US. The head of the Capital Market Authority(CMA), Mohammed A. ElKuwaiz, didn’t say anything on that, with the excuse that he’s yet to receive any information regarding such.

The decision made by Daniels will protect the interests of the attacks’ deceased families and their claims, the approximately 25,000 living victims who were seriously wounded, in addition to numerous insurers and businesses.

Apart from the first overrule, Daniels also rejected claims which say that Saudi Binladin Group, which specializes in building services, overseen by the family of Bin Laden, with two banks from Saudi, Al Rajhi Bank, and National Commercial Bank, gave money and other funds to facilitate the assaults. Daniels said he didn’t have the authority.

Erased Impunity

The World Trade Center before the 2001 9/11 attacks

The UAE is a country that had enjoyed strong impunity against the filed legal case concerning the September 11 tragedy in the US. However, by September 2016, the matter changed after the Congress in the United States annulled the Obama’s approval that concerned JASTA, permitting those kinds of matters to continue.

At the time, Obama warily suggested that America could be vulnerable when the law takes its course, baring its troops, industries, and officials to the claws of litigations in the outside nations.

A cleric by the name Fahad al Thumairy, who worships at a Mosque known as ‘King Fahad’, located at Culver city in California, was a name that came out from Daniels’ mouth, when he said that the complainants should make an attempt at providing evidence which will show that the Imam is engaged in some suspicious endeavours, and which will also name Saudi Arabia as a possible culprit. In addition to Fahad, Daniels also said such evidence would label Omar al Bayoumi, who was rumored to be an intelligence agent, as a suspect.

The two named suspects were alleged to have aided the attackers on the hijacked airplanes to conform themselves to the American environment before they started to prepare earnestly for the assault. The accused country of Saudi had countered the issue, saying the complainants lacked proofs to confirm that some workers, agents or officials of Saudi, perpetrated or plotted the assaults.

Expressing his optimism concerning the matter when he was commenting at an interview session, the attorney who is representing some of the complainants, James Kreindler, said that he’s happy to see the progressive movement of the matters. He further stated that he and his clients have been trying relentlessly to ensure that the issues move forward and carry out findings from Saudi Arabia, in order to bring out the complete story to the full glare of everyone, and ensure that the parts being played as regards the September 11 attacks by Saudi Arabia are uncovered.

Furthermore, Daniels also overrode claims leveled against the Saudi High Commission known as Relief of Bosnia & Herzegovina, a philanthropic commission linked to the state, because he pointed out that the claims by the complainants failed to outdo its postulation of impunity.

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