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Mexico Wall to Be Built By The Military, Trump Demands

Trump’s requests

Back in 2016, during the election campaigns, the U.S president Donald Trump was always saying that Mexico was supposed to make a payment in respect of the wall which stands by the border on the southern part. However, the president is personally soliciting for the financial backrolling of his trademark building project from the military.

Last week, Trump reportedly complained to his financial advisers that he experienced dismissal because of a huge bill expenditure when legislators allocated just $1.6 billion for the wall of the border. Now he started to give his opinion that the reclining building project could be sponsored by the Pentagon, making the country’s security unstable.

Close sources of the Congress (who pleaded to remain anonymous), said that on Wednesday, Trump continued to propose the idea to Paul D. Ryan, the Speaker of the House and the representative from Wisconsin, that the construction should be funded by the military. However, Ryan didn’t show much interest on the matter and some key officers at the Capitol Hill hinted that the suggestion might not be considered.

The Mexico wall that needs completion in the Southern part

In a similar discussion with key aides, Trump also pointed out that the department of defense was enjoying too much financial assistance, an allocation the department was supposed to be getting from the $1.4 trillion expenditure package, which means that the Pentagon is certainly buoyant enough to sponsor the wall. Trump reminded the Pentagon that it’s a recipient of what he termed as a “historic” amount, somewhere around $700 billion out of the expenditure package.

In the meantime, only $1.6 billion were assigned for the proposed project, which is a far cry from the estimated $25 billion that the president asked for, and that should cover the costs of levees and fencing around the wall. Worst still, the legislators have also strictly stated how it must be used for the purpose.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, last Tuesday, declined responses to inquiries thrown at her by journalists concerning the president’s proposal. However, she assured newsmen that work is still very much in progress on the wall construction and that the presidency won’t stop to move ahead as far as the project is concerned.

Similarly, Trump tweeted an encrypted message on his handle on Tuesday, which says that the wall should be built by M, and some advisers decrypted the letter M to stand for the word “military.”

However, some officials from the department of defense and the White House have said that the military may not be able to sponsor the wall of the border.

Trump was also quoted suggesting to Jim Mattis, the secretary of Defense, that the Homeland department can be spared from footing the bill, while Defense should take up the responsibility

Uncertainty behind Trump’s proposal

It’s indisputable that the Pentagon got what it takes financially to sponsor the project, but channeling its money to build one border wall is a decision that must be supported by the majority of votes coming from the Congress, and it doesn’t look as if Trump have them yet. This point was confirmed by one senior officer at the Pentagon, who said that using out of the recently-approved budget for 2018 to erect the wall, is a step that must be approved by the Congress act.

The only option left for Trump is to wait till next year when the funds may be available in the defense budget for 2019, and even at that, he must send an adjustment for the budget, then about 61 votes would still be needed from the Congress.

The Californian Wall model

Advisers also insinuated that Democrats who are among the members of Congress may possibly impair the proposed bill from the military because of a wall erection, and it’s not certain that the military officers will support it either.

Other advisers explained that Trump is losing his sleep over the frequent television lambasting of his signed expenditure contract which was done a week ago, and he’s desperate to seek for another means to pay for the wall project, and these advisers secretly grumbled that Trump’s supporters might soon lose interest. Since returning from a visit to watch the Californian wall models, he’s become more enthusiastic about the matter.

It’s been reported that $642 million are set aside for the newly-constructed major fencing across places where there are no restrictions presently. The fund can only be used for designs that are operationally impactful, and they must have been positioned in May 2017. So, the building of walls after Californian designs as Trump desires, is out of the question.

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