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Microsoft and Banking Firms Ready to Present Impressive Tech-Enabled Strategies


The recent update in the banking world places the spotlight on Microsoft, PSFK, and investment banking guide firms. These firms are teaming up to present to the banking sector four tech-active strategies that will significantly improve investment banking. This concept is captured in the 2018’s PSFk’s Digital Playbook for Banking.

According to both firms, investment banks are presently working with cloud-based services to realize the better operation of risk management and their business efficiency.  This move has given them the providence to acquire complex data insight, improve security, and contour their operation.

To further encourage their success in the industry, PSK in partnership with Microsoft has brought to life their Digital Banking Book that houses four necessary strategies that will advance Investment Banks by developing quick, innovative business models that are powered via techs such as Blockchain and AI.

PSFK is the top firm in Business Intelligence all over the world aiming to provide innovative experience for customers

What The Four Strategies Intend To Achieve

– A fast way to create a personalized experience

This strategy presents the benefits of financial institutions utilizing both data framing tools and artificial intelligence to identify risk. According to PSFK and Microsoft, the market houses an ever-increasing speed which impales the ability for financial firms to detect the productivity of investment. However, with the help of the instruments above, the risks that are involved with such investments or trade opportunities can be quickly spotted.

On how this can be achieved, they further disclosed that these tools analyze patterns found in global policies, local contexts and the other fluctuations that exist in the market, with the aim of making available an in-depth analysis on the risks that come with each investment decision, assessing of trade values or engaging in self-trades. According to the firm, all these will be done at the same speed of the market.

– To Bring Alive an Advanced Workplace

Through the provision of an office space with the necessary tools for staffs to participate remotely, the firm is able to establish a means for its workers to access vital, secured, information and also to present their critical opinion on the said matter at the same moment these knowledge are needed.

Furthermore, the firm expressed that though it is factual, at the moment bankers try to work together to obtain a better-informed decision, which is rested on real-time data, expediting processes, and increasing accuracy, the tasks lay heavy on them. However, through the integration and implementation of Intelligent Virtual aids, these tasks can be automated, giving the employees of these financial Institutions the chance to focus their attention on clients relationship.

Blockchain is the leading software base for digital assets in the world

– Optimize Compliance & Risk Management

According to the firms, to hasten the regulatory requirements and compliance preparation during the moments of underwriting mergers, trading portfolios, and acquisition, the regulatory group can include the cloud-active tools in their systems and utilize them to initiate risk models, ascertain compliance, and conclude stress testing.

By using the blockchain technology, investment banks get to utilize the secure channel of information exchange between multiple participants that the tech provides. This technology will be most efficient among operators who are positioned to approve deals or transactions; thereby, narrowing processes to reduce the cost of operation and saving time.

Welcome The API World

Microsoft, as of 2017, is the sixth largest information tech firm in the world

Microsoft and PSFK disclosed that in the current, rapidly, and altering nature of the financial market, if a business intends to thrive, it is wise for bankers to place their attention on service and product innovations that are based on a mega, enterprise-wide scale.

According to them, though the typical financial establishments have succeeded to ground themselves and are self-sufficient, it is important not to be left behind, that bankers keep on looking for potential third-party techs developers that can further their course in competing, and enlarging their service offerings.

To them, if financial Institutions embraces the concept of an open monetary ecosystem, they will be provided the chance to obtain new opportunities on investment for both their clients and their drive growth.

In conclusion, the Digital Banking Book, crafted and presented by the team effort of Microsoft and PSFK brings to the awareness of beholders, the various means digital tools can be used to advance the ability of financial institutions, to reenergize their clients’ experiences and optimize operations.

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