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Picture Your Co-existing Life In 2030′. IKEA’s Latest Survey will Blow Your Mind

Customer research is done to sample public opinion on varying societal issues, but it can become drudgery because of its boring nature. However, creativity can set you apart, and you should always put that in mind.

IKEA has made a difference with its recent research into co-existing areas. The main question being asked by the research is that how will co-existing be pictured in the year 2030, during which the world’s population would have skyrocketed to roughly 8.5 billion on earth, while 70% of the citizens would have their habitations situated in the urban settlements which wherewithal and spaces may not be enough to contain everyone. The aim of the research by IKEA is to better grasp the present day happenings, to create and make products available for future days.

Part of IKEA’s research devices to know what the future holds is a study lab called ‘Space10’, which was introduced as an investigation into 2030 sharing home life. This special survey was created by Irene Pereyra, a communication designer and owner of Anton & Irene.

Around 60,000 respondents have done IKEA’s innovative survey

IKEA’s research method is highly endorsed for you

This method is very good for you and worth the try, especially because of its casual nature and you also get real-time statistics as the research is going on. Guess what? More than 60,000 participants have participated in it. Take a look at how innovative this customer-based research from IKEA looks like:


The survey was designed like a game which makes respondents’ participation fun and engaging, fostering communication which announces the experimental nature of the program. The team in charge is set to try out new things, new methods, and new opportunities without fears. So, for you to dive into untapped areas, you must have this kind of colonizing attitude.

Whenever you set out again to sketch your survey, ensure to quiz yourself on whether you are adequately practical. Are you really being experimental in your investigation?

Empathy With Participants

Pereyra childhood experience came to the fore in the research because its format was motivated by one documentary she did a few years ago, which depicted her co-existing childhood stories, right from when she was developing in an Amsterdam-based co-living shelter built for nursing women and their children, which was called ‘Kollontai’. Irene’s experience lends credence to the research, and this gives room for the feeling of empathy.

Some of the questions being asked were:

– When can we say that sharing has become too much?

– Is it empathic feeling that pulls people inside and makes them see the complicated side of cohabitation?

– Would people truly tolerate having somebody make use of their bedrooms in their absence?

– Is restroom sharing acceptable by people?

A sharing house for mums and their children in Amsterdam is what has inspired IKEA’s creativity

Playful Research

This concept is made in such a way that it allows respondents to have fun while answering questions on the year 2030. So, copy the style and let things flow. Jocelyn Wyatt, who is the president of IDEO, once postulated that when high stakes are piled up, only levity and care-free attitude can solve the challenge. Your desire may be to have many participants to take part in your survey, so give a relaxing design, like including a game.

The Survey should be a true depiction of the future

Can you imagine the 2030 co-living experience in one experiment?

Don’t make the research by just discussing for the future, place it straight into the coming era instead. Let your every communication represent the year 2030, not just what you think 2030 should be like. Be imaginative. See the habitats of the earth as a multitude of sand grains, and 70% of the population are residing in big cities, their homes are much more clustered.

They now have automatic cars that drive themselves and unbelievable technological inventions. The new decade is offering them sharable areas, products and services, commodities and so on. Just make it look like you are about to produce a sci-fi movie titled ‘2030’, where every element in it, from the scenes to the characters to the script would be set in 2030.

One of the vital lesson learned here is that averagely, people so much believe that the attitude of cleanliness, neatness, being compassionate and sincere are the key attributes of a good house-mate.

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