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Rikki Hundal’s Tips for Deciding if an Investment Decision is the Right One for Your Business

“It takes money to make money.” We’ve all heard this phrase. If you want to make more, you’d have no choice but to invest. The decision is undoubtedly difficult. Ultimately, however, as an entrepreneur, you have to ask yourself this question- how do you expect your customers to invest with you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself for your business?

Investing in professional development, such as hiring a consultant, coach, taking up a mentor, or even signing up for a class, is common to have doubts. Will the investment be worth it? Will it reap the results you’re hoping for? Will it have any long-term benefits?

Realizing the difficulty that entrepreneurs face while deciding whether or not to invest, the CEO of Rikke Hundal IVS, Hundal herself, has highlighted a couple of tips to help you decide if an investment decision is the right one for your business.

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Without further ado, let’s get into Hundal’s tips.

Hundal Tip #1: Zero in on your goals

You have to start off by penning down your biggest goal for your business. It could be anything from wanting to make more in lesser time, expanding operations, opening more jobs, etc. Having your goals in mind, she says, will protect you from “shiny objects” such as funnels, branding, or fancy websites that the sales world might make you think is imperative to the growth of your business.

When you’re not focused on your goal, it is easy to succumb to these sales pitches. To differentiate between a shiny object and a good investment, ask yourself this- “will this investment aid me in achieving my goal faster?”

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Hundal Tip #2: Demarcate your boundaries

A big part of reaching your goal is, Hundal says, is determining what you are and aren’t willing to do to get there. For example, will a certain investment make you work for a 50 hour week when you’re looking for nothing more than 10 hours?  Similarly, you might not be willing to jump on sales calls when sales are perhaps the biggest part of a thriving business. If yes, these investment options might not be the best fit for you.

Hundal Tip #3: Gauge support level

Investments are a means to get you from one point to another. The best way to understand this is by thinking of a plane analogy. You can travel anywhere but, you have three choices- economy business and first-class.

To put it into theory, if you’re struggling with money, you might have to opt for only an online course. If you wish to reach your goals a bit faster and with added ease, you can spend a bit more and hire a business coach. If you want the best of the best, therefore, you’d have to spend accordingly.

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Take Away

At the end of the day, it takes money to make money. You can’t deny the fact.

Hence, if you wish to see your business grow, invest smartly, and with confidence.

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