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Stock Market Vs Real Estate: Which Is The Right For You?

According to the recent survey, only 55% of Americans have investments in the stock market – far lower than the 65% of 2007. Real estate investments, on the other hand, are far behind with only 27% of Americans investing in it. People who find themselves in these kinds of investment are tirelessly trying to explain to people why their investments are better compared to the other. It’s a neverending debate of which one is better.

For the past years, stock markets and bonds are usually the ones dominating this list. Data shows that more people prefer putting their money to these two. But recently, real estate investment is starting to take over the list for the first time in three years. These statistics only serve as a guide for us and it doesn’t mean that you have to play by them. Here are some comparison between the stock market and real estate to help you decide which of these two will suit you the most.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is when you put your money into a piece of land, house, or any kind of property. One of the common choices among people who invest in real estates is apartment rental, house buy-and-sell, and leasing building. Most people see real estate as easy money, especially to those who put their properties for rent. This is because they can receive rent payments on a monthly basis. Real estate is a physical property that’s occupying space, and owners have to pay property taxes and have to spend money for maintenance, which can be a major downside for some people.

Real estate is tangible investments which are more reassuring for some people who are not risk takers


  1. Real estate is a more familiar and comfortable concept to those who belong to a middle-class family. They are more exposed to their parents telling them how important it is to own a house or a piece of land. Some parents even leave their kids with land titles and home declaration they have acquired over the years.
  2. Stocks don’t have the physical component that real estates have which means it’s a more tangible investment. There are lesser cases of fraud and scams since you can do an ocular survey on the piece of property before buying it. You can redo and renovate the place before sealing the deal, unlike stocks and bonds where you have to trust other people to do their job.

Stock Market

The stock also stands for ‘shares’. In layman’s term, buying a stock means buying a share of the company. If the company you bought stocks from sells coffee, you are entitled to a percentage of their profit depending on the share that you own. For example, if a company divides its share to 10,000 and you buy the 1,000 of that, it means 10% of their profit will be given to you.

Facebook stock is one of the best to invest in this 2018


  1. The best thing about investing in stocks is it is proven to make your money roll. Buying stocks from a well-established business is far more advantageous compared to starting your own business. You will simply invest your money and watch it grow. There is also a higher chance to increase your profit if you keep your share for long periods of time, especially if the business you invested in is doing very good.
  2. You don’t have to wait for years before you can gain from stocks. Most people do stock trading where they buy and sell their shares. This allows you to diversify your investments. Unlike real estate where you have to wait for years before the appreciation rate is good enough. The stock market is a better option for those who want to slowly build their wealth.

Bottom line

Asking the question which is better, stock or real estate, is like asking people to compare chocolate and ice cream. Both options are good, it only depends on a person’s preference and personality which to handle. A tech-savvy person might find online trading simple, but complex to those who don’t have a good background with computers. Owning an apartment for rent can be perfect for a working person, but too boring for a person who has all the time in the world.

Include your personality type when making investment decisions

Both investments can make us earn money. The most important thing to decide is which of these two will most likely fit your personality. In the end, you are more motivated if you love the field you are currently at.

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