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Three Entrepreneurs Whose Big Success Will Leave Your Speechless

Lekan Lutonska 

Lekan is the owner of an online firm that deals with providing business strategies and NLP training to female entrepreneurs

It is true that sometimes we tend to get our plans wrong due to an unseen flaw in our scheme or the swift change in where our project fits in. While that is true, the ability to make a quick adjustment is something every entrepreneur should possess.

An example of this crucial skill in action is Lenka Lutonska. In 2015, this business strategist for women entrepreneurs made a quick, calculated jump; she switched her business coaching and NLP training from an In-person service to an online-based operation.

According to her, though her offline firm was lucrative, she was locked out of increasing the revenue rate as it was a battle between time and money. She had to find a way to defeat time and make more money. Working online didn’t instantly give her the income she looked for, in fact, as she stated, it gave her a reason to feel frustrated for the first few months of the swiveling. However, with her mind made to give it her best shot, she persevered and soon she got her first client. Following her first deal, more clients came and soon she was able to garner her first £20,000 a month.

She further expressed that after her online move started yielding results that her revenue growth has remained in the positive light. This success has made her shut down the offline operation of her business completely. She further expressed that when she was about to make the move, she was frost with the idea of losing her regular source of income for a project that might not yield a result. However, the chance of becoming more known and growing her capital weight far outweighed the losses, and she is delighted she made that move.

Her key point is if you have a passion, give it your all and don’t let the risks involved prevent you from taking necessary steps.

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray is an entrepreneur who started his carrier as an e-commerce app producer called Grabble. However, a time came when he had to make a swiveling move to other ventures; this led to the creation of  Mobula which is a B2B SaaS.

According to him, though Grabble was successful and had a monthly active user growth of 500,000, at the time the switch was made it lacked the right strategy to move forward.  He said it came to the point when he and his team could no longer satisfactorily supply the services their customers needed, though they had investors.

To get the planning right Murray and his co-founder Joel Freeman had to brainstorm another means to offer their clients what they needed without hurting the financial flow. The answer to that move was Mobula, a product of native commerce which assists brands in exploring commercial opportunities that come from the shift of consumers to mobile. As of the early months of 2017, they have been able to retain about £1 million, though at the beginning of the shift they were left without salaries for months and investors.

In conclusion, he says entrepreneurs should go with their guts.

Joseph Valente 

Joseph Valente, 27,  is a member of the elite Forbes 30 Under 30 List 

Joseph started his ImpraGas organization as a business model for repair and maintenance services. The firm ran for three years before a drastic change had to occur as the fault in the model stood out as the years went by. To prevent stagnation, they made a swivel to the install market in the domestic sector. This meant they had to, first give out all the contracts they had, and then bring together a team for sales, before changing their marketing strategy.

Now, after the move, Joseph is delighted by the outcome. He expressed that his firm moved from a £450,000 annual revenue company to £4 million in just the first 16 months. He advises other entrepreneurs to change their strategies when they stop giving results.

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