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Tips to Help You Achieve Your Saving Goals in 2020

Achieving Your Saving Goals

A mere resolution to increase your savings in 2019 might not be sufficient to help you achieve your financial goals. To get more results, you might need to take some extra steps to move you closer towards achieving your goals of saving more money for the year.

A recently released research by Columbia Business School’s Chazen Institute discovered that there is an increased likelihood that people would stick to savings targets if there were some sort of support backing these targets and goals.

Going the extra mile with your savings might be what you need to hit your financial targets this year successfully

The Institute’s researchers studied Chile-based microcredit bank clients who have low income. The entrepreneurs studied were those operating small businesses, and they tended to seek out borrowing facilities regularly.

Ordinarily, the fact that these people are self-employed makes it difficult for them to automate their savings. Self-Employment is a form of employment that has been described as one that takes up a lot of one’s savings and also one where there is a high level of income fluctuation. As such the researchers tried to find out if there were other savings methods that worked. Some of the strategies that would help one save more include:

 1. Getting A Support Group

Going as a team to the gym works for a lot of people, and there is a very high probability that this strategy would also work for savings. To test the extent to which this strategy can work, the researchers split the study participants into two different groups. A set got offered savings accounts that were at considerably increased rates ranging from 0.3% to 5%.

The other set got offered another program that had a public goal setting as well as monitoring and also non-financial rewards. This group witnessed the amount of savings deposit increase 3.7 times. Also, the average balance almost doubled.

However, the group that got offered higher savings rates recorded little change. Stephan Meier, one of Columbia Business School’s professor, said the problem the participants had wasn’t motivation, because they actually wanted to save. Meier said the issue was actually implementing that desire to save.

Having a savings support group helps to keep you accountable, focused and willing to do more

Potential Members Of Your Savings Group

Those who had savings support group were able to implement the changes as it was easier for them to have their goals on their minds.

Meier noted that merely talking about saving helps.

Members of your savings group shouldn’t be those who intimidate you, but rather people who push you to do better

However, he advised that if you desire to have your own savings support group, it is advisable to have a group made up of people that are in identical circumstances. Including someone who is probably doing way better than you financially might be of no benefit to you and even end up discouraging you.

  1. Automating Your Reminders

In a subsequent study, researchers tried to discover if they could get similar results by mimicking the dynamics of the group via text messages. That could mean using a text message reminder sent to the participants directly reminding them about their respective savings goals. Also, it could include some text updates went to your family and friends informing them of the times you are meeting your goals and times you are not.

Automating your reminders help to clear any likelihood of not remembering to work towards your savings target

Meier also noted that merely getting a text has a lot of beneficial effects as it is primarily about getting feedback. That remains at the top of your mind and ensuring that it remains on your mind assists you in sticking to your plans.

Researchers discovered that when the messages stopped, there was also a decline in the savings. Meier suggested that people who want to try out this technique would have to get the appropriate reminders at regular intervals. He noted that getting over five hundred reminders per day may not be so effective. As such, he emphasized the importance of carefully thinking about things an individual considers very important and focusing on those things when setting reminders.

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