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Tired of Living from Paycheck to Paycheck? Here is the Secret to Early Retirement

When you get employed fresh out of university, your very first paycheck is a bounty. You spend it away on a lavish dinner, a new outfit, and a treat to family and friends. Soon, however, you start feeling the burden upon your income.

This is the burden of providing yourself a satisfactory quality of life, bearing the burden of any further education, paying off loans, saving up for mayday and the big goals in life. Your limited income starts disappearing as soon as half the month is passed, in the form of cheque payments, cash bills, and utility dues.

Unsplash | Some things in life will make you await impatiently for retired life

This kind of life is stressful. You feel like a scapegoat in a capitalist economy. You look forward to old age so that you could retire in comfort by relying blindly on your incoming pensions and state benefits.

However, if you ask your grandparents, this is for sure a route to complete tragedy and a financial mess. You spend your whole life slaving away, hoping to fulfill all your dreams after you retire, just to find out that your meager pension can only serve you two meals a day and cover a few of your medical expenses.

If you rely on your retirement benefits alone, you will spend your entire old age with your calculator in hand, budgeting each expenditure before committing to it. In short, you spent your adulthood in financial shackles, and you will likewise spend your old age in this monetary curfew.

Unsplash | Fighting to make ends meet is not something you’d like to do in old age

Listed here are 2 invaluable tips that can turn this gloomy outlook into a bright picture by helping you save enough for your retirement, through a savings account and an investment portfolio, that you will welcome your retirement with glee.

1. Save yourself from the unnecessary and rash expenditure

Every purchase eats away your income. Before taking out your wallet at any POS to pay for a commodity, ask yourself if you really need it. If you still think you want to get it, then go ahead. However, if you have even minimal doubt, avoid the purchase and add the amount to your piggy bank. Your savings just got fatter.

2. Stay away from any and every form of debt

Your debt is your financial bane in two ways. Your loans require interest payments in the future which are far above the face value of your purchase.

This means you are not analyzing your purchase decision fairly based on what the thing later costs you, inclusive of the interest payments. Secondly, any loan repayments in the future will apportion your income and leave less for you to spend. This way, you will again be motivated to take a loan, and this will become a never-ending cycle.

Deposit Photos | Start ensuring a comfortable retired life for yourself

Follow these two failproof tips to save your current income and incorporate them into your future retirement plans to supplement your pension. Invest this money in diverse ventures to earn a return on it.

Then finally when you retire, you will have enough money in your bank to fulfill all your life goals, embark on a world tour or undertake any hobby you are passionate about.

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