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Walmart’s Latest ‘Invention’ promises to Save Your Day

Walmart is taking cues from the shipment style adopted for Whole Foods’s items by Amazon, with its Prime Platform. At the moment, Walmart is rolling out another unique alternative for the fulfillment of orders on its groceries pickup and shipment activities which are aimed at serving families who have very tight schedules with a favorable option, and this alternative is ‘meal package.’ Walmart has made the cost-friendly delivery options on meal packages accessible in about 260 shops, just the way it did to Blue Apron, and it can also be found on the grocery store’s online shop for groceries.

More than 2100 Walmart’s branches will enjoy access to this meal packages towards late 2018, Walmart management announced.

Meal packages are the brain-child of food preparations department, Walmart’s Culinary and Innovation Center, and each pack consists of pre-measured condiments which are meant to go with Walmart’s rotisserie chicken. It also helps families who are very occupied in cooking a few minutes food for themselves with no worries on mixing ingredients together, adding spices or dicing fruits and vegetables.

The retail giant cooks the food contained in the meal packages every day before selling them for the day in the deli; this is a similar practice followed by the majority of the popular grocery stores we have around these days. The prices for one pack is between $9-$16, and the quantity inside is packed in such a way that it will be enough to fill two customers.

For busy customers who may not have time to cook, quality ready-to-cook meal packages are ideal solutions from Walmart

Chicken-Flavored Meal Packages

Inside the package is the chicken food called ‘rotisserie,’ which is essentially Fried rice with chicken flavor and Thai Curry; packaged pre-measured meals, which includes Steak, Garlic, Chili, etc.; and meals that require only one step to prepare.

According to a statement by the senior chief executive and manager for merchandise, who works at Deli Services at Walmart, Tyler Lehr, the company is very much aware that its customers have so many things to do while trying to cope with everyday demands, so there is very little time left for them to cook a tasty meal for their homes, that is why Walmart is stepping in to save the situation. He added that the savory kits would help even the most terrible chef to get a simple, safe, and tasty supper done in no time.

For those who may want to place orders via the retailer’s online channel, their orders will be ready for redemption at dinner time if they order in the early hours of the day or in the afternoon, and their delivery depot will be at Curbside Grocery depot. Pre-ordered groceries via online can also get their deliveries in the markets. Walmart makes use of intermediaries like Uber taxis for deliveries, while customers will have to pay extra charges for pickup. This is unlike Amazon which carries out deliveries through Prime Now and Shipt owned by Target.

There are home deliveries from outfits like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, who help in distributing meal packages around. These outfits are quite popular, and they don’t just bring your packages to you, they can stay behind to assist you in cooking your food, like slicing your tomatoes and fruits.

However, you need to think twice before hiring these services because they are costly and your ordered meals for the week can spoil if your schedule is too tight for you to cook them. Also, delivering meal packages will need the help of a freezer before packaging, and renewal or getting rid of them may be inevitable. Think about the time it would waste in people’s precious time.

Walmart’s Track Record

Walmart has been in this business of producing ready-to-cook meals for years

The big name in the retailer’s industry is not new to the game of launching meal packages, and its newly-released service is just one of its fast-food products. In 2017, the retailer last introduced a meal package, accompanied by special websites for foods which also acted as a promoter for exclusive food packages from shareholders such as Takeout Kit and Home Chef, as well as some other boxes filled with different types of snacks and crates for food, prepared by affiliated partners.

In the meantime, Amazon has been trying out so many procedures to get the specifications for its customized meal packages through AmazonFresh, and from the investors who can be found on

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