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The World Largest Solar Panel Parks are Now Located in India

Caption: Indian set to generate about 2000 megawatts of electricity through renewable energy

The solar project in India

India is taking the lead in embracing renewable energy. This year, they have commenced a project that will set them at the leading role in the industry, and at the same time reduce the financial drain of supplying electricity to the country. By the time their Solar Panel scheme in Payagada is completed, India will be able to generate about 2,000 megawatts electricity to add to their national grid. The outcome of this project makes this country the owner of the largest renewable station in the world.

Welcome to the land of panels, series of solar panels stick out of the earth in series, basking in the warmth of the sun

What the Officials Have to Say?

The area selected for the project is a land located in the southern part of the country where the sun is merciless. There, you get to see millions of arrayed silver-grey panels glimmering in the presence of the sun.

Officials who got queried excitedly replied regarding the project. According to them, the solar scheme is a great one with a huge capacity of providing stable power to about 700,000 homes once completed; moreover, they emphasized that this was just a start in the right direction in embracing green energy.

A look at Its Impact on the World

While the world, in the past, has perceived India as a slow-paced entity in the fight of improving mother-nature through embracing renewable energy, their recent step speaks volumes. Not only that it sets the nation in a new light― presenting a country that runs on renewable energy― it also gives the world a reason to embark on the same project; hence, bringing the global revolution of green energy to life.

This initial solar scheme by India will greatly reduce the dependency on coal and any other carbon-emitting fossil fuel. Also, it will go a long way to help improve mother-nature. It is a known fact that the generally accepted medium of power generation in the world today is known to be a key catalyst, in the negative light, to the weather condition of the world.

Now India will stand as a pacesetter for the likes of U.S. while the world largest economy decided to abandon a channel of fighting against global warming, India has decided to go all out in embracing the idea of bettering the ecosystem, and human lives.

Recently, America decided to turn their back on the Paris agreement to embrace their coal industry. This move was a big blow to the progress for a sustainable, eco-friendly, electricity supply.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, aims to give solar energy to 121 countries

While the U.S. decided to take the back seat on this one, the prime minister of the rich multi-lingual heritage, has launched an organization called the International Solar Alliance (ISA). This firm’s sole purpose is to raise about $1 trillion to support the switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy in 121 countries. Not only that, it hopes to promote technology in the same swing.

The Solar project at Payagada is not the only achievement of the country that is worth mentioning. Last year, India did another significant climb in the solar industry. Due to the low-cost of solar panels, their reaction to the solar industry, and the government’s incentive, the country exceeded Japan as the third largest solar economy. The first is America, the second is China, and now India sits at the third place and is leading the world toward better absorption of the green alternative.

Modi, the prime minister of the country, is calling for the generation of 100 gigawatts of pure renewable energy by the year 2022. This move will give the nation close to 30 times of what it could generate three years ago. Also, it will place the country’s output power at an equivalent to the national grid of Spain.

Solar Station in Mirzapur, India

What Analysts Have to Say?

A director of the Energy & Finance studies in the University of Financial Analysis and Energy Economics, Tim Buckley, expressed his surprise for the current happenings in the Renewable Energy space. According to him, this decision is surprising and at the same time motivating to witness. For him, it seems like the U.S decided to switch place with India. From the spear-header of green energy to a spectator, US has created an avenue for India to rise and Modi to become a world statesman for the industry.

Buckley further stated that looking at India’s growth it is clear that the country is seriously in need of green energy. The country’s economic growth has a steady rise of 7% annually. Aside from that, presently, there are millions of people in the region who lack electricity supply. Hence, it is right for the country to pursue the adoption of wind and solar energy generation. This move also helps them keep to their Paris agreement.

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