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Clash Of Sneakers – Nike Doing Better Than Adidas

Nike may be taking the lead ahead of Adidas when it comes to sales of sneakers, according to a research done by an analyst from Jefferies, who decided to study the available information he laid his hands on. The durable and fashionable sneakers manufactured by Nike are soaring in sales, enjoy higher demands than Adidas’ sneakers.

Nike has many famous brands that are topping the list of fashionistas and sportsmen’s shoe racks, and the trend is now called “clash of the sneakers.”

Nike’s shoe store

Adidas Vs. Nike

For decades, Adidas and Nike have been the most controversial brands when it comes to sneakers, in other words, they are the hottest rivals. As it looks now, Nike seems at the top of its game in gradually pushing out its opponent, Adidas, as the battle for supremacy in sneakers’ sales got fiercer.

Jefferies analyst who undertook this research with the available data he gathered, said that Nike is showing its ability to dominate the functional basketball and athletic games as far as sneakers are concerned. The shoemaker has enjoyed a boosted market share among the best 62 on the list of best sellers, while Nike’s sneakers are leading on the top 20 most purchased footwears of the year.


Adidas is competing with Nike for the best sneaker sell.

Nike Will Soon Dominate Basketball And Atheltic Games World 

According to the analyst, Randal Konik, who works for Jefferies, the shoemaking company is getting back the deserved shares in the rank that is most crucial to it. Nike’s achievement can be attached to the fame its Air VaporMax Plus brand has brought to them, says Randal. Also, the company just launched another type of Air VaporMax Plus into the market, and it’s doing very well.

A survey was carried out, and almost 80% of respondents who were shoe-retailers agreed that when we are talking about the game of running, Nike has what it takes to provide the most durable sneakers. This result showed an increase of 5% during the last investigation. On the other, the survey sampled the opinions of the same respondents on Adidas’ major products, which are the NMD and Ultraboost, and the references made on them reduced significantly, from 17% to 12%.

Nike’s sneakers have a longer duration for athletes than Adidas.

Also, Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James, which are the creations of Nike, are the most used sneakers in the game of basketball. Whereas, only a minor mention was made on Adidas in the sports rank, just 1% as against its initial 4%. Konik is optimistic about Adidas’s ability to rebuild a stronger omnipresent name in the area of Basketball, even though they are still spreading their wings.

Adidas Is Coming Back With New Trend

The evocative trend is slowly finding its way again into the new trend, says Jefferies analyst, who also thinks that the new system will fit Nike very well. One of the most prominent brands from Nike, the Jordan Sneaker, that has been sold in 2017, about 12% of its sales were shipped. The Jordan sneaker is the biggest brand under Nike’s sales, in the second position, and the brand is among the best ten shoes in the largest sales of footwears in 2018.

However, customers are accusing Nike of being too sluggish in its productions and unsuccessful trials in manufacturing a new shoe fad. As a result, the footwear company lost its market value to Adidas, which operates from Germany. The German company has successfully and relentlessly driven its vehicle of marketing into the ever vibrant US territory, and the brand concentrates more on providing shoes with steady scale and early releases of new shoe fads, which has made its appeal easily accepted. Another analyst from Wedbush, Svezia, is positive that Nike may be preparing to launch its renaissance. He noted that more than one year ago, the inflection of new shoe trends are visibly lesser, in contrary to the present time when it is greater, and mainstream society prefers the evocative and simple ones.

Adidas is coming back to the market, with a new trend.

Nike Is Expanding Their Business To Athletic Sport-Wears Category

Interestingly, Nike is not only looking in the shoe sales direction alone but also in the athletic sport-wears category, as it plans to delve into production very soon. The strategy to capture the market is to cut down on expenses but increase the prices. The competition will be taken up by Nike against popular sportswear makers like Lululemon, Under Armour and of course, Adidas, its sneaker making rival.

On Friday, the shares of Nike rose to $65.10 per share but drop in the new year to 0.52%.

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