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The Rock Did THIS for a 10-Year-Old and Everybody Loved It

Dwayne Johnson has been long known for his wrestling bouts in WWE and some movie roles and popular The Rock is probably better known for body slams than saving people, right? No, The Rocks wrestling is just a small part of him and you’ll be amazed at what the actor did for a 10-year-old, who learned something from him to save his baby brother from drowning.

The lead character of this story is not The Rock but the 10-year-old kid going by the name Jacob O’Connor. Jacob is receiving the credits for this story because he saved his kid brother from drowning by trying CPR compressions which he had learned from his favorite movie San Andreas with Dwayne The Rock Johnson starring.

Jacob O’Connor would have probably never received any attention but the news actually got to The Rock himself. Did he just flex his muscles when he got the information? No, Johnson posted a video inviting Jacob and the family of the 10-year-old to join him on a set in Vancouver instead, where he is currently working on project Skyscraper.

Dwayne Johnson Made Jacob O’Connor’s Day

The Rock welcoming Jacob O’Connor

One of the first things Johnson had to say about the real 10-year-old hero was the following: “Folks, I finally met this real life 10-year-old hero Jacob O’Connor who saved his brother just two-year-old, after finding him lying inside their swimming pool. I said, I just don’t just shake hands but when I meet kids who are heroes, I hug them… Now get in here.” Johnson was looking like he had just returned from hell battered and bloodied from his scenes but managed to get a hug from Jacob who joined it rather reluctantly. The Rock also mentioned it was a very special day on the sets of “Skyscraper”, going on to say that Jacob was indeed a hero.

The action superstar did everything he had promised when he welcomed Jacob, his younger brother Gavin and the mother of the children Christa to all the sweet perks of a movie set, leaving the proud mother overcome with emotion. Johnson also mentioned to Jacob and his brother Gavin that their mother was shedding a few happy tears for them, even as he went on and told the children they could consider the movie set similar to a famous chocolate factory because they could have all the chocolates they wanted. They’ve also joked about paying the chocolate, while the entire crew of Skyscraper was doing all they could to actually make the visit special for the family.

From Being Jacob’s Idol The Rock Found A Hero For Himself

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson has been idolized in the wrestling rings and the movies for the different characters he has portrayed so he was perhaps surprised to note that Jacob was highly nervous and shy during the time they were together. Johnson mentioned it was fun to finally get Jacob to laugh and talk.

The Rock With His Puppies

Jacob surprised Johnson by turning up on the set in a T-shirt which had the bull insignia of The Rock on the front and Johnson holding two puppies he had rescued from his pool. The picture of the puppies immediately managed to break down The Rock, giving him an understanding that the 10-year-old boy had a big heart to put his puppies on his shirt after saving the life of his two-year-old brother. It was a special day with a special kid said, Johnson, while thanking Jacob for being awesome and being the person people aspire to be.

This story should give a clear indication that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is not just about slamming people and getting into unruly fights in the wrestling ring or on screen. He also has a different side to him, extremely warm and friendly, which was fully exposed by Jacob O’Connor when he saved his brother Gavin from drowning by using a simple trick performed by Johnson in San Andreas. Will Hollywood consider making a movie with Johnson and Jacob portraying characters together? Only the time can tell whether the two will join on screen as fictional characters as well.

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