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Amazon May Soon Release a Video Game Streaming Service

The streaming market has been dominating the media industry in a lot of different ways, which is why more and more companies have been trying to figure out how they could possibly get into the loop since being left behind is definitely not an option. It was recently rumored that one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon, will try their luck and release their own streaming service.

Aside from Amazon, Google and Microsoft are also planning on being a part of the video game industry

Amazon Takes On Video Game Streaming

It was reported earlier this week that one of the biggest tech companies in the world is planning to use their huge cloud computing service to be able to get themselves ready by being involved in the video game play streaming market. Experts can already guess how well this will go, and top-notch titles will be enough in to anyone who has a smartphone or a basically any streaming device.

This can be a massive change considering those who wish to play video games must have to get their own gaming console or a computer, which can already be pretty pricey. Amazon is said to be planning to run it with their cloud network so that their customers could literally play on their own mobile devices. It was also reported that the company is now in the midst of planning its release sometime next year.

Experts believe that this could definitely change the game for Amazon, since they have already met up with some of the biggest game publishers in the world in order to get their content to be a part of their streaming service. When asked about the major plans regarding the rumored project, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos decided to kept his mouth shut and let the public just wait for further announcement. Bezos is currently in the middle of a controversy after he announced his divorce from his wife on his social media account.

Experts also believe that this could be a great opportunity for the company to become the most valued company in the world once more. It could also be a chance for them to change the video gaming industry just like how Netflix did it on the movies and TV shows, as well as how Spotify change the game as the leading music streaming service of today. People may find it easier to pay for a monthly subscription instead of having to buy particular games every single time one comes out.

They do need to still pay for it, but a subscription just makes things more convenient. Once they no longer wish to be a part of it, they could always unsubscribe. Despite how great this venture may sound like, some of the biggest game publishers may see this as something that may not benefit them in the long run. They would have to relinquish some control especially when it comes to the distribution of their intellectual properties.


Amazon CEO decided to keep quiet about the rumored plans

Competition Rises

Amazon is not the very first one to dive into the video game streaming industry, because its biggest competitors have already jumped-in way before Amazon did. Microsoft has already introduced the Project xCloud, which is basically a service that will let game developers to put their games on any device. Google is not far behind with their gaming service that is known as the Project Stream.

However, there is one underdog who has been quietly developing its own video game streaming service. Just like Amazon, it was reported that Verizon is currently working on a video game streaming that will allow people to play any video games on their phones as well as other devices. The Verizon app is also reportedly getting tested already to prepare for the release, but it currently working with Android devices at the moment.

The leading video game developer, Electronic Arts, as well as the company behind the PlayStation devices, Sony, were also rumored to be working on it as well. However, experts believe that this may not be a tough fight and may even favor Amazon. One of their advantages against other companies would be the fact that they have their very own direct to access online customers already, making them the one on the lead compared to the others. This is despite how they weren’t exactly the ones who have started this development at all.

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