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How Biden’s Tax Policy Will Change Work For The Development of the US

Change has its own pros and cons. We need to adjust our lives according to the situation that confronts us. Some people happily accept fluctuation in life and move forward, but others fail to keep up and lose out. The current elections in the USA are the biggest example of this. The results of the presidential elections have made everyone believe in the power of democracy. But there’ve also been concerns about the changes that’ll come with Joe Biden in power. 

Among the changes that people are expecting are alterations to tax policies. While many tax consultants have assured the public that there’s no need to worry about who’s in power, we should start figuring out how the changes will affect asset performance and investment techniques. 


Seeking Alpha | With the Biden administration in power, people are concerned about increasing taxes

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Major changes expected in the future

Currently, an average American taxpayer spends 15% of his annual earnings on long-term capital gains. This amount varies from $78,700 to $434,500 every year. But Joe Biden’s office has proposed an increase in capital gain tax rates. But the good news is that this increase will only be imposed on people who earn more than $1 million in a year.

So come to think of it, the rise won’t result in a major impact on the overall economy since more than 95% of Americans earn lower than that (as per a recent study). Moreover, the proposed increase won’t impact other services introduced by the IRS too. Services like 401k(s), 403(b)s, retirement plans, or IRAs won’t witness any change since these services have a special tax treatment that hasn’t been touched. 


Investopedia | The authorities, however, state that the changes won’t affect people earning less than $1 million a year

So although there’s no tangible reason to worry, some investors are still apprehensive about this change. And that’s because if someone’s business gets sold for over $1 million, they might come under the impacted bracket even if they otherwise earn less. Moreover, there’s some risk to rotating investors as well. 

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What impact can the general public expect?

As per tax consultants, only a handful of people will be affected by these changes, and unfortunately, a majority of the middle-class will bear the brunt. Warren Buffett, the world’s smartest investor, had once spoken about how he paid less tax than his secretary in 2012. This proved that tax rates are disproportionate and are majorly impacting the lower-income sector.

According to the Tax Foundation, the changes in tax policy would result in the state earning a minimal amount of $469.4 billion as revenue in 10 years. Although it looks like a lot, it isn’t enough as compared to the revenue earned in 2020.


Panda Security | Regardless, people are worried as to how the changes will affect asset and investment management


It’s quite clear that these changes in the tax policies won’t affect the investors a lot. Our main focus now should be playing smart and making strategies for future investments. If we’re clear with our investment proposals, there’s a chance of earning profit and getting good returns. But since the changes might be a little tricky to understand, enlisting the help of financial experts might be a good idea.

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