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Inside Starbucks’ Reserve Magical Cafe You Don’t Want to Miss

Starbucks is doing all within its power to make its customers comfortable, and right now, its first-ever premium Reserve shop is providing quality hospitality to its visitors, with a dining-room concept where the best coffee brewed from a complete bar is being served. Qualified mixologists are on ground to help guests get their orders through an in-door laboratory for product creation.

The famous chain recently commissioned a new superior forerunner outlet inside Starbucks’s head office located in Seattle. The first-ever Reserve shop is a free type of cafe, similar to a market setting which produced a combination of coffee made from Reserve Roasteries, accompanied by fresh delicacies cooked from Rocco Princi bakery, and a well-equipped bar run by specialists in mixology.

The concept was created in such a style that the store can integrate the art of excellent preparations of coffee while offering a fresh start based on the experience of Starbucks Third Place’ customers. This is hinged on the opinion that Starbucks’ coffee shop gives a very necessary and must-have avenue for customers, especially those who come from their homes and workplaces, searching for the opportunity to relax in Starbucks’ serene environment.

The wonderful experience starts from the entrance secured with gigantic doors made from walnut that allow a sneak view of the beautiful decor inside via one porthole designed with the confined brass material. The coffee Reserve card has the round and aligned brass impression, which is a confirmation of the creativity of Starbucks.

Professional mixologists busy working at the coffee bar

A Unique Decor

As customers file through the walnut doors, they will have the privilege to see an encompassing view of the unique decor inside. There is a compacted body of attenuated details inside the room to assist in giving clues and directions to the guests on how to locate certain areas.

An encased wooden ceiling visibly demarcates the chairs and table settings, retail spaces and service stands. The floor is made of concrete, and its perimeter is strewn with specks of glass colored in amber and a mirror which gives visual directions to assists the guests go through the right path.

Starbucks’ Shanghai Roastery

At the right side of the cafe is a stretched Reserve Coffee made of the wooden head and a bar for mixologists to do their work. One amazing thing about this arrangement is that customers will have the first-hand and crystal view of how their ordered coffee is being prepared and they can see the mixologists doing what they do best; brewing premium coffee.

There is the evidence of the level of commitment to the tools being used. The tools and stockpiled behind the counter look very attractive and enticing as the meals, and the entire commodities scattered all over the space give a good presentation of class.

At the middle of the cafe is the Italian bakery, Princi’s cafe. Just like the way the coffee bar was designed to enable customers to have a good view of the brewed beverages, the kitchen space is likewise strategically placed for customers to view how the cooks are preparing meals in the bakery. Adjoining the bakery/kitchen is a table room for the chef, which is built like a pantry dining-room in a confined style.

For the shelves built inside the kitchen, their spaces are piled with a fine and mouth-watering array of ingredients, such as tomatoes, long glass containers filled with conserved lemons, capers capped in cans and artichokes. The table room for a chef is among the three unique rooms for gathering inside the Reserve, because it’s beautifully-decorated with catchy crafts and arts. The major lounge area has a fireplace fitted from the floor to the top of the gathering spaces, where customers can meet and socialize.

Premium Indeed

On the wall of the primary lounge, filling the whole circumference is an inbuilt pile of close to 3,800 cards for Starbucks Reserve. When seen from a far-away angle, the view has a replica of mountains.

Apart from the art of preparing and serving of coffee and delicacies at the Reserve store, the R&D workers inside the Starbucks Reserve space have a functional laboratory inside the shop to create the unique and fresh drinks.

The company has it in its plans to commission at least 1,000 shops of Reserve branches worldwide. The forerunner store at Seattle will possibly be the store where unique creations of meals and drinks are being placed under intense experiments.

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