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Selling Your Business Can Be As Hard As Founding It

Separating from your partner breaks your heart, but believe us, leaving the business you built from scratch can have the same impact to your soul.

Establishing an enterprise from level zero is an uphill task. It may represent one of the most important challenges in your life, requiring a lot of planning and thinking, capital, effort, and of course, a bit of luck.

But you’ve probably never wondered how difficult it is to withdraw from all this and retire from work life. It’s almost like giving up the child you bore and raised to someone else! That’s why it isn’t surprising that some of the most prominent business owners believe that the decision to abandon a certain field is much more difficult than starting it.


Unsplash | Selling an established business might be more difficult than starting one

If you’re planning to retire from your business, you’d agree with what we said above. And we feel you. The tips listed below may help in dealing with the transition a little better. Have a look.

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Plan a little long in advance. Five years maybe?

Selling your business is a decision that’s not to be taken lightly and should never be taken in a day or two (not even a year actually!). If you make a hasty exit, the consequences could be dire. You must give yourself enough time to think about how much you will sell it for, to whom, what you’ll do with the money, and whether or not you have an alternate source of income.

You must ask these questions to ensure all the effort you put in building this business doesn’t go with the wind. So if you’re wondering when you should start planning to sell it off, the answer is: by the time you finish reading this article!

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Unsplash | You’ll need to plan about how much to sell it for, to whom, and what you will afterwards

Determine the quality and nature of the buyer

It makes a big difference whether you’re planning to sell the business to an insider or a third-party. If you’re going to sell to insiders, you won’t look for the best price. You’ll probably concentrate more on finding the most suitable person who can continue the success of your business, whether it’s a family member or an employee. But if you’re going to sell to a third-party, you’ll simply look for the highest possible price.

And here’s a little something you should anticipate – your children or family members might be a bit unwilling to take over your business even though they’ve witnessed your dedication to it. This is their career decision, after all, so instead of getting disappointed later, start asking them now and think of ways in which you can find buyers outside of your small circle.


Unsplash | When picking a buyer, thinking outside of your small circle and discussing with several people would be ideal

Wrapping It Up

Selling your business is a two-sided coin. Either it will compensate you for all the fatigue and exhaustion that you went through, or it will make regret your decision. So take your time and think. And, of course, consult with the right people.

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