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Survival of the Fittest: Learn the Most Common Problems With New Startups and How to Overcome Them

With the employment sector growing increasingly fruitless and dry, young entrepreneurs are constantly reaching to build their own futures with innovative business startups. Let’s face it, the reality of today’s business sector are startups. Millennials seem to have taken the adage “be your own boss” quite too literally. As such, these motivated entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to bring success and profit to their business.

However, while some of these startups are successful in establishing their presence and flourishing, others fail to even make it through the year and disappear into oblivion- not because their business ideas or product is bad, but because of a lack of research, planning, strategy, and finance, although not necessarily in that order.

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking to solidify the prospects of success for your future startup, stick around. These are the most common problems that cause newborn businesses to fail, and how to combat those problems.

1. Deficiency of Finances

For any startup to survive, one of the most crucial factors is finance, which backs up its operations. Naturally, as the business income grows, so does its expenses, so businesspeople tend to rely on trusted investors to support their financial needs. One of the biggest issues that cause new startups to end their operations is a lack of finances.

Solution: Look for ways in which you can minimize your costs. Until your startup really takes off, cut back on your staff. You can easily handle your accounts, for example, by the use of accounting software. You’re from the digital age, after all. Take advantage of your knowledge.

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2. Inadequate Business Planning

Ineffective business plans have caused many a business to fail within the first year of opening. The most common reason for this is not properly accounting for pitfalls and challenges that the business might have to undergo. No matter how innovative your ideas might be, a lack of proper planning will sink your ship faster than you can spell success.

Solution: Before you launch your business, be sure to carry out thorough market research by considering important details such as your competitors’ operations, reach, prices, suppliers, etc. This information will help you build a solid foundation for your business.

Deposit Photos | Don’t go all in without thorough market research

3. Meagre Marketing Strategy

As a business, your biggest goal is to sell your services/products to customers. This is why your marketing material and strategy is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. The wider your reach, the wider your customer base.

Solution: Take advantage of technology and market your business adequately. You have so many options- electronic, print, broadcast. This is where you can put that creative and innovative mind to work. Don’t forget to leave out your mission, vision, and goal, because customers often need to feel a connection with a business before supporting it.

4. Lack of a Dedicated Team

Another essential factor to a successful business is a motivated and dedicated team. If your team doesn’t feel a sense of ownership with their work, your business could suffer immensely. Without a reward-based culture, your employees may get increasingly frustrated and opt-out of work-related commitments, leading to a rising difficulty in achieving organizational goals.

Solution: As the boss, you’re the only one who can cultivate a sentiment of harmony and fellowship in the office. Don’t overburden your employees to the point of frustration. People perform better when they are made to feel like their work and opinions matter. This does not mean that you look the other way when your business is suffering. Find the balance between knowing when to be the boss and when to be the mentor.

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5. Harboring Unrealistic Expectations

Often, if an idea is extremely unique and innovative, startups tend to be very well-received initially. This initial booming sense of success might lead you to create unrealistic expectations for your company. Startups need to meet expectations and goals that are set up for them. But, once these expectations become too unrealistic, the downfall begins.

Solution: Remember that the key to success is sustainability, which requires consistent, rather than increasingly elevated, efforts. Always keep essential market factors into consideration while setting your goal.

Wrapping It Up

Problems and challenges are an inevitable part of the journey to success with your startup. Hence, as a novice entrepreneur, always remember the importance of being resilient, building trust with your clients/customers, and keeping your values intact.

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