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Apple Expresses Pride in Contributions to Europe and UK Economy

Contributions to Europe’s Economy

In its newly launched website, Apple maintained that the apps developed for its iPhones and other products had created numerous job opportunities in Europe. The company stated that it helped to establish and provide support to over 1.7million jobs across Europe and intended to keep the numbers rising.

The company stated that the job opportunities included 22,000 employees who were directly in its employment and about 170,000 other job opportunities created through its suppliers in different parts of Europe. The company also took into account the 1.57 million jobs reportedly created by its application economy. The company stated that its 22,000 employees undertook different roles including building its phones and working in its retail outlets. Reportedly, the company had about 112 retail outlets in ten countries, and each outlet had its staff not included among those in the company’s direct employment.

The company also stated that the number of its employees had grown by 1,500% since 2000 and it added that the current population marked the beginning of the total jobs contained on its new website page. The website also included the jobs of company suppliers and app economy jobs, which referred to the different jobs created since the launch of its App store in 2008.

The number of Apple employees in Europe has grown by 1,500% since 2000

The new page showed that the company had spent more than 10 billion euros with over 4,300 European suppliers in 2017. Also, it expressly stated that the European developers had earned more than 200 billion euros across the world since the launch of the App Store. Media outlets reported that the details of the company’s feats were highlighted on its website as an indication of the impact of the company on the economy of Europe and UK.

Contributions to The UK economy

The website also indicated that UK had its fair share of Apple employees, although suggestions highlighted that Brexit could have a negative impact on the UK tech industry. Apple reportedly stated that it had more than 6,000 employees in Britain, with about 291,000 jobs also directly created by the App Store ecosystem.

Apple has more than 6,000 direct employees in Britain

Contributions to The US economy

Sources claim that Apple currently has over 9,000 suppliers in the US, including small-scale and large-scale businesses. Apple in January announced that it had new investments directed towards materializing its commitment to offer support to the US workforce and economy. Reportedly, those investments would be into the areas where the company had impacted job creation in years past, such as direct employment, investment in manufacturers and suppliers and supporting the app economy.

Media outlets reported that the company was responsible for the creation and support of more than 2 million US jobs as at January 2018 and the company had also shown an intention to create more jobs with the initiatives it announced in January.

Reports indicated that with the combination of Apple’s new investments in the US and how it was rapidly supporting domestic suppliers and manufacturers with an estimate of about $55billlion for this year, its direct contribution to the nation’s economy would be over $350 billion five years from now. The direct contribution would be to the exclusion of other indirect means such as the company’s tax payment and tax generated from wages of employees and sales of its products. Reports indicate that the company is currently the largest US taxpayer.

Speaking on the company’s support for America’s economy, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, noted that America played a significant role in   Apple’s success story and they were glad to be supporting its economy.  He expressed, on behalf of the company, that they believed in the ingenuity of the nation and they were thus concentrating their investment on areas where they could directly make an impact on the creation of jobs.

Sources report that Apple remains expectant that it would have invested more than $30 billion in US capital expenditures over the next five years and would have created over 20,000 new jobs by opening a new campus and hiring new employees at its existing campuses. Reports indicate that the new campus would be established in a location to be made public later this year and would accommodate customer technical support staff at the onset.

Apple hopes to invest over $30 billion in the US capital expenditures over the next five years

Media outlets also reported that over $10 billion of the company’s additional capital expenditures would be used to fund data centers across the UK and this would be in addition to the investments it had already made in its data centers located in different states including Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon.

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