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Electric Vehicles Showing Dominance on the Highway in 2018

Every single year, there is a new car that gets released and almost every car enthusiast gets extremely excited over it. Then again, nowadays having a car just by the sale of owning one, is no longer that impressive.

It is indeed very convenient for people to be able to have their own cars especially if they have a family, but electric cars have been on the spotlight for quite some time now and this 2018, more and more automobile companies have been releasing some of the best ones according to experts.

What most people don’t know is that electric cars have been around for more than 50 years now, but with the help of advanced technology, it just brought even more convenience to its users

Electric Cars of 2018

According to the U.S. News and World Report, the best electric vehicle of 2018 is the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It is known to be the very first of its kind being the one that has an affordable battery for an electric vehicle. It has a range of more than 200 miles off of it with only having a starting price of $36,620. Then again, there are actually reports that it may go down to only $30,000 because of the Federal electric vehicle tax credit.

Electric vehicles as well as hybrids, are known for having a better mileage if they are in the city because of the recaptured energy from the braking as well as the driving speed being slower because of the usual heaviness of the flow of traffic. This is known to be the best electric car for those who are actually on a budget.

Then again, many automobile critics believe that Audi’s E-tron will be the best of its kind once it gets released. According to Auto Express, when things like tech, space, and ability is in the talks, this German-made electric vehicle may be on the lead since its electric motor is known to be crammed with so much power.

More and more people now prefer hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles and experts believe the demand for them will just continue to rise in the next couple of years

Some of its hi-tech features include its incredibly advanced air suspension system that is known to be self-leveling. It has the ability to change the levels from low to high in order to help reduce drag as well as to help with the batter consumption.

The new Audi-E-tron will also have the power to raise itself when driving through rocky roads as well as on steep surfaces. Of course, since it is coming from a luxury car company, the price is not going to be for everyone. This new electric vehicle may actually cost not more than $90,000 and the deliver of the orders will begin early next year.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Cars

More and more people are just going crazy about electric cars. However, just like owning one does have its advantages, it also has its own drawbacks. According to the Department of Energy, one of the best things about electric vehicles is the fact that they help when it comes to reducing emissions.

Electric vehicles don’t produce the kind of gas that ruins the atmosphere of the earth, so, it helps the environment as well. Just like your smartphones, these electric cars can be charged over night so they can be used for several hours a day. It is also very affordable for some, especially with the continuous rise of the price in the oil market.

According to Navigant Research, by 2020 the sales for electric vehicles may grow to 6.6 million per year worldwide, coming from 3 percent to 7 percent

Then again, its drawbacks may be its limits.

Most of the electric vehicles, especially those who are quite affordable, may only last for a couple of miles. Unlike the usual and old school vehicles, all you need is find a gas station to be able to get going again. Electric vehicles that may last for a lot of miles may also be on the pricey side, which means you would need to provide ample amount of money if you want to own a much more ideal electric vehicle.

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