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Meghan Markle New Vogue Issue Is Sold Out But You Can Get It on eBay for a Ridiculous Price

Meghan Markle has been a public figure for some years now, but if we’re being honest, it wasn’t until she got together with Prince Harry that she found real fame. Naturally, the number of her fans must have doubled or tripled, seeing as the royal family also has millions of admirers of its own.

Meghan is stepping into Princess Diana’s shoes

With her wedding and being named Duchess of Sussex, Markle was now ready to step into the shoes of all royals that have come before her, and it wasn’t long until people started drawing comparisons between her and Princess Diana. Come to think of it, wouldn’t her mother in law have been super proud of her?

Attracting Attention

The Duchess has been doing quite a lot lately, going as far as attracting the attention of British Vogue. The magazine brought her on as a guest editor for their September issue, with the former actress being tasked with setting up the magazine’s cover.

Knowing Meghan and her bright ideas, what do you think she came up with? The Duchess chose 15 women to feature on the cover, with their presence being in honor of their efforts to make the earth a better place by positively impacting on humanity.

Among the iron ladies on the cover are Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister, and actress Jameela Jamil of NBC’s The Good Place. Dubbed “Forces for Change”, Meghan says that she christened them because they represent kindness, justice, equality, and open-mindedness.

Forces for Change

Interestingly, Meghan also had another intriguing idea. In addition to the women’s faces, she left a blank space on the cover, which apparently represents a mirror.

The idea, according to the royal’s spokesperson, is for readers to also think of themselves as Forces for Change whenever they pick up the magazine for a quick read. Inspirational, don’t you think?

Positive Reception

As you’d expect, the issue has been received positively, if sales are anything to go by. Originally, the magazine retailed for $5, but prices have skyrocketed on eBay, going for as much as seven times the original.

Two listings on the site are both selling for over $30, specifically $38.48 for one and $36 for the other, while another one has the copy for $19. Talk of demand!

Anything they touch is always on demand

Part of the reason why folks are all over this Meghan Markle-inspired copy is that she embraces imperfect perfection.

As the photographer who collaborated with the Duchess on the cover revealed, the mother of one asked him not to filter out the freckles on the faces of the Forces for Change cover women. They must have felt so very appreciated, right?

And although the issue has received lots of positive reviews, there is a faction of people who think that Meghan may have plagiarized the idea from something she had worked on back in the day.

Remember 2016’s The Game Changers? Steph Adams and Samantha Brett included Markle and a couple of other stars in making the book’s cover, and to be real, they do look somewhat alike.

However, the Vogue team came to Meghan’s rescue, saying that the idea came from the January’s 1990 issue of the magazine.

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