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Renault Unveils New Futuristic Car with Luxurious Lounge Interior

Renault just revealed a game-changing concept car that isn’t just fully electric, shared and autonomous. The automaker unveiled its latest masterpiece at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, leaving the audience stunned by its luxurious French design combined with connected car technology. The future of automobiles is here.

Renault recently unveiled game-changing concept called EZ-ULTIMO at the 2018 Paris Motor Show

Fully Autonomous and Electric

Laurens van den Acker, the corporate design SVP at Renault, said that the new EZ-ULTIMO is a fully autonomous and electric car that will become the future of smart cities. The concept vehicle takes inspiration from contemporary architecture and offers exclusivity that takes luxury to the next level. She added that the future of the auto industry is electric, shared and autonomous – and Renault wants to be the first one to enter the new era of futuristic automotive design.

The new concept car opens doors for luxury ride sharing and how it could solve the traffic problem that we face today. Instead of individual ownership, Renault’s new concept emphasizes on on-demand rides that can last from an hour to an entire day.

The futuristic automobile employs robust self-driving technology which doesn’t require any manual input from a human driver in certain settings. The company explains that EZ-ULTIMO’s autonomous technology is programmed to work in various settings including highways as well as urban environment. The concept can also be programmed to operate as a shuttle if required.

Future is Shared

This isn’t the first concept car Renault has designed. The automaker previously gave a sneak peek into the design of two of its autonomous cars, the EZ-GO and EZ-PRO, which mainly focused on the idea of transporting passengers en masse.

With the launch of EZ-ULTIMO, Renault has completed its trilogy of shared mobility – but unlike its predecessors, the new ULTIMO puts a greater emphasis on design and luxury. The car employs elements of wood, leather and marble to create a fusion between a batmobile and Bentley, but the exterior is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Renault Reinastella.

Renault made a grand unveiling of the EZ-ULTIMO at the recent Paris Auto Show, showcasing the car’s robotic EV system that offers a premium travel experience like no other. With Renault’s newly launched platform, Augmented Editorial Experience (AEX), passengers will be able to use their travel time as a learning experience. The software uses AI technology to create curated content for the passengers based on their preferences.

The EZ-ULTIMO also features a new platform called the Augmented Editorial Experience. AEX basically curates editorial content for the passengers based on their personal preferences while they are traveling. van den Acker said that consumer trends are changing and the auto industry needs to change with them. People are choosing ride-hailing services over manual driving which makes EZ-ULTIMO the perfect solution for shared and autonomous mobility in the future.

Renault’s EZ-ULTIMO is geared towards businesses like Uber, Lyft, airlines, hotels and large organizations who can offer autonomous rides to their clients as an additional perk

A Lounge Interior

Imagine getting picked up at the airport in a futuristic car like the EZ-ULTIMO and getting dropped off at the hotel – or even arriving at a lavish dinner party with all your friends. The interior of the car is designed to resemble a spacious lounge with swanky-looking leather armchairs where you can relax with your friends and use the marble and wooden tables to work or dine while you travel.

Renault’s EZ-ULTIMO is geared towards businesses like Uber, Lyft, airlines, hotels and large organizations who can offer autonomous rides to their clients as an additional perk. Unlike the EZ-GO, which is designed using glass to ensure the passengers’ safety, the latest concept uses a technical faceting mirror which gives riders complete privacy while allowing them to see everything outside the car.

The one-way mirror has a shape-shifting effect on the exterior which makes it appear black from afar, but as it approaches, the car turns sparkling green in color. The changing appearance of the car makes it look like it’s alive.

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